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Lyrysyst=Free_The_Music=200=ChristianRapHipHopNews“When you write music to make a difference in people, you want the people to have it at any cost,” Lyrycyst states about his new campaign to give away free music to all of his fans. Lyrycyst recently announced a partnership with the newly launched, where a large portion of the artist’s catalog is available for download. The site, which is orchestrated out of Boston, is not one to encourage music lovers to steal from artists. But instead, has developed a system that pays back for a portion of every free download out of their monthly advertising revenue. “The partnership with Gimmesound allows me to give away a chunk of my music to anyone I come across, and still get some of the income I need to keep making the music and progressing forward.  For the first time in my career, money won’t be the determining factor in whether or not someone is impacted by the message of love in my songs!”

That message of love is one of the keys to the rapper’s buzz and success. In a time when rap music has become predictable and full of violent messages, many see Lyrycyst as a breath of fresh air and a promising new face among rap/pop/and rock circles alike.

But Lyrycyst is no stranger to the music industry. In 2007, Steven Cooper (aka Lyrycyst) stormed into the mainstream with his remarkable debut album “Masquerade.” The album was raved upon by media outlets and even coined in its own genre “Alternative Rap.” With the success of his debut single and music video for “Showbiz,” (featured on the Hip Hope 2008 Compilation and hailed as one of the best rap singles of the year) the Midwest rap-rocker had set the foundation for a long-term career. Extensive touring (over 400 live shows) and features with some of the biggest names in the business (David Cook, Tech N9ne, Pillar, TobyMac) would soon follow and build on that foundation. In winter of 2009, Lyrycyst returned with his much-anticipated follow-up album entitled “Revolution.” Based around the core concept of overcoming obstacles and pursuing destiny, the album became a staple in the definitive sound of the eclectic artist and broadened the spectrum of what popular rap music “should sound like.” Songs such as “Blink” and “You Can Be” offered fresh arrangements and instrumentation, while getting to the root of Lyrycyst’s storytelling abilities. Often times reminding newcomers why he was originally nicknamed “The Lyricist” when he first started penning rhymes in high school.

The songwriter has already seen an overwhelming response to his decision for free music, in both his fan base and media outlets, who have seen this as an opportunity to get positive hip-hop music to the masses. Radio stations, magazines, and freelance bloggers have united in a flurry of activity surrounding the campaign and helped the artist see an amount of downloads comparable to a successful album release. “Lyrycyst is the most exciting thing to happen to the hip-hop world in years!” says Brian Mayes, CEO of Nashville Publicity Group and currently spearheading the artists’ endeavors as his publicist.

The campaign, cleverly titled “FREE THE MUSIC,” couldn’t have been conceived at a more awkward time. While the music industry is still trying to adapt to the declining state of the business, Lyrycyst seems to be seeing the exact opposite of what most would expect. “I have many people who believe in me and what I’m trying to accomplish. They see this an opportunity to get behind a rapper who builds people up rather than tearing them down. Even though I’m giving away free music, and making less money from the music itself, my fans have supported me above and beyond. Whether it’s buying out my merchandise, selling out shows, or going as far as giving me donations to allow me to keep the music free. They support it because it’s bigger than music!”

A great cause coupled with great music is a formula that many people can get behind. Whether a fan or not, thousands across the U.S. are helping out the artist simply because they want to see a change in the messages portrayed in popular rap culture. While Lyrycyst doesn’t claim to know what’s in store for this mission, he’s determined to see it through as long as people are standing behind it. If you’ve been anxious for a turn in the rap music of today and want something to get behind, Lyrycyst just might be the artist for you.

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