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Malakai tha Truth – Black Dads

Black Dads is an ode to fathers that have been overlooked, underappreciated, and marginalized by negative stereotypes. He gives fathers of color their #flowers on this one. “Black Dads here’s our anthem!”

Black Dad v1

Revitalized focus
Never again are we divided like the quotient.
Boy we Linus And we riding with our covering
That’s why these black dads not
consumed by the elements
In monsoons still groomed with the wedding drip
Cuz everything work for your good when your cell he hit
Far from Jurassic and the broadcasts of the masses
The black dad he is active with a backpack full pampers
And snack azpacks, hair ties, brushes and sanitizer
So slander from bystanders is Chevys with Fred Sanford
And we been panda’d the eyes of the lies spoke to divide
And it’s no longer a hope- but it’s real men who provide
Real men folding clothes – real men up in them aisles
Buying groceries all the things we need to survive
Leaving healing and a legacies in our lineage
The black dad is evident check out membership
Some people had a Phillip Drummond- I had a Phillip Banks
….And for 30 minutes Phillip he would fill the blanks
But I hated the clock the ach that made them walk the plank
Cause when it was finished I was back and nothing hadn’t changed
If you grew up in the 70s then it was James
And as the eras shifted we were gifted different names
The black sitcom dad -was what my home had
And most my homies was dealt that same hand
Kings I salute you and hers your flowers gon
take a whiff
The weight of deadbeat is heavy but we going to have to lift
Some brothers lacked in their workouts but we gon show them fit
Men with character – not characters gon raise our kids
Trap or trampoline- trauma ain’t gotta trample seeds
Couples worms in apples – don’t speak for the apple tree
Ms so and so ain’t the only ones in the faculty
Black Dads take a stand so the world can see

No apbs for black DADs
We been here – it’s rare
But is time they see
Black Dads

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