Mali Music: The Bona Fide Gospel Game Changer

In this episode of Da Fixx Dice Gamble and I discuss their experiences with faith, the importance of hymns, and the upcoming Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game. We have an enlightening conversation with Mali Music. We discuss the business side of ministry, and the value of investing in gospel artists. He also shares details about his upcoming album. Then Dice and I, delve into the power of a praying woman, sharing personal stories and biblical examples. Remember to subscribe and share your thoughts on the show.

The Comfort of Fried Chicken and the Upcoming Stellar Awards Celebrity Basketball Game

Our love for fried chicken, a comfort food for us, led to a brief discussion about our different upbringings when it comes to meals. We then transitioned to talking about the upcoming Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game. We’re confident about winning and excited to have Mali Music join us for the spiritual detox segment.

The Power of a Praying Woman

Our real talk conversation topic was the power of a praying woman. We expressed gratitude for the ladies in our lives who have prayed for us and shared personal stories. We introduced a flashback song called “Free Now” by Dice Gamble, a testament to the transformative power of faith.

Welcoming Mali Music

We welcomed Mali to the show, praising him for his versatility as a producer, musician, singer, and artist who doesn’t limit himself to one genre. We engaged in some friendly trash talk about the upcoming basketball game, discussing our positions and skills on the court.

The Business Side of Ministry

We discussed the business side of ministry and the value of investing in DJs, artists, and producers. We emphasized that the church and gospel community bring money wherever they go, and it’s important to recognize and appreciate that. We also discussed Mali’s career and his ability to create music that appeals to different audiences, thanks to his exposure to various styles and cultures.

Mali Music

We introduced Mali who was excited to answer questions from fans and address their curiosity about his upcoming album, “God Be Praised.” He revealed that he is not only an artist but also a producer and songwriter. He talked about his collaborations with other artists, including Jennifer Hudson, and his plans to sign and promote new talent through his label.

The Power of a Praying Woman Revisited

We revisited the topic of the power of a praying woman, sharing personal experiences with our own mothers and grandmothers who were strong prayer warriors. We emphasized the impact that a praying mother can have on their children’s lives and the importance of prayer in general. We mentioned biblical examples such as Hannah and other women who were known for their prayers.

Appreciating Mali Music

We expressed our appreciation for Mali Music, a talented artist who has made an impact in the gospel music industry. We mentioned his versatility in different genres and his collaborations with other artists like Jennifer Hudson. We encouraged listeners to check out his music and expressed our excitement for a potential collaboration with him in the future.

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Mali Music - The Gospel Game Changer


The importance of hymns [00:00:25] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the significance of hymns in worship and encourage listeners to tap into the presence of God through traditional gospel hymns.

The lack of effective prayer [00:01:05] DJ Focus shares his personal experience of not knowing how to pray effectively until he was 27 years old, highlighting the importance of seeking knowledge and taking responsibility for one’s spiritual growth.

The power of a praying woman [00:07:10] The hosts discuss the real talk conversation topic of the day, focusing on the impact and importance of praying women in their lives and the role they played in their spiritual journey.

The Stella Awards celebrity basketball game [00:09:31] Discussion about the upcoming 38th annual Stella Awards and the celebrity basketball game, including the teams and players involved.

Issues with the celebrity basketball game lineup [00:12:13] Mali expresses his concerns about the lineup for the celebrity basketball game and questions the inclusion of a basketball player on the gospel artist team.

The significance of the Stellar Awards [00:15:06] Mali reflects on his experience with the Stellar Awards, discussing its importance in acknowledging gospel artists and the growth and impact it has had on the culture.

The power of investing in ministry [00:18:29] Discussion about the increasing recognition of the business side of ministry and the value of investing in DJs, artists, and producers.

The financial impact of gospel events [00:19:13] Highlighting the significant financial contributions that gospel events bring, including money spent on accommodations, flights, and local businesses.

Mali’s creative process and musical versatility [00:20:57] Conversation with Mali about his ability to blend different genres in his music and his journey of staying true to his authentic self while creating the music God has called him to make.

The album release date [00:30:09] Mali discusses the release date of his upcoming album, “God be praised,” and the reasons behind its title.

The importance of live performances [00:31:00] Mali talks about the significance of performing live and how it showcases his skills as a musician and artist.

The power of a praying mother [00:35:14] The hosts discuss the impact of having a praying mother and how it can shape one’s faith and beliefs.

The power of a praying woman [00:38:19] Discussion on the importance and impact of a praying woman, with personal examples and biblical references.

The impact of a praying mother [00:42:55] Exploration of the influence and significance of a mother’s prayers, including personal experiences and gratitude.

Understanding the importance of prayer [00:43:58] Reflection on the role of prayer in gratitude, caring for the less fortunate, and personal growth, with emphasis on the teachings of family members.

The power of prayer [00:47:24] Discussion about the importance of prayer, thanking God for waking up, and the influence of a praying mother.

The influence of a godly woman [00:50:02] Exploration of the State of the Bible report, which reveals that a significant percentage of children raised in Christian homes remain Christian, highlighting the impact of Christian mothers.

Women in leadership roles in the Bible [00:55:53] Recognition of female pastors and leaders in the Bible, such as Priscilla, Chloe, and Phoebe, challenging the misconception that women couldn’t preach or oversee churches.

The power of women [00:57:50] Discussion about the faith and power of women, their influence on men, and their importance in society.

Mali Music’s talent and versatility [01:01:41] Praising Mali Music’s talent as a versatile artist who has excelled in various genres, including gospel, R&B, and hip hop.

The power of a praying woman [01:06:34] Reflecting on the importance and impact of praying women, discussing the Proverbs 31 standard, and comparing the role of women in the 80s and 90s to today.

The power of new music [01:07:21] Discussion about the variety of genres and the upcoming release of ten new bangers.

Proposing 20 bangers every Friday [01:08:08] DJ Focus proposes the idea of releasing 20 new bangers every Friday, leading to a discussion about the impact of quality music in the body of Christ.

Jesus is winning [01:09:04] The hosts express their belief that Jesus is showing out through Holy Culture Radio and the Christian hip hop community, encouraging listeners to join the winning team.