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mark_jan_everday_worldLos Angeles, CA – 90K Watts – After only one week of his Gozpul Music Group release Mark-J will also be celebrating the fact that he has been positioned on the front page of iTunes and better yet he is in the “New and Noteworthy” section at the top of the iTunes Hip Hop section.  This is not for a special section for “HHH” this is for all of Hip Hop.  Also listed there are commercial artist such as Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Mims, Eminem, Scarface, Beatsie Boys, and other well known secular artist.

We are very excited about the recognition of Mark-J’s new record as New and Noteworthy on iTunes.  “It just means to us that all that we have worked for and attempted to achieve is being appreciated not just by us (Christians), but also by those that could care less about religion.” says “Big Earl” Franklin president of Gozpul Music Group.  He goes on to say, “We wanted to make a record that would draw even the non-believers ear and pull them into what we are presenting, which is the unadulterated message of Jesus Christ, and more importantly than pleasing man, we pray that our Father in heaven is pleased also”

Mark J new album is available now!  Read the review here, buy the album here.

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