Marriage, Finances, Missionary Work, and Foundations with Filmmaker Sydney Tooley and NBA Veteran CJ Watson

In this episode of Da Fixx, filmmaker Sydney Tooley discusses her faith journey and her new movie Sun Moon, now streaming on PureFlix.   We also have a second exclusive interview with NBA veteran, Author and Philanthropist CJ Watson who shares the inspiration behind his children book series and his Quiet Storm Youth Foundation.  Our real talk topic is marriage and finances and how to have that conversation with your significant other. 

Writer, Director Sydney Tooley

The conversation begins with the Tooley’s passion for missionary work. She explained that her father grew up as a missionary kid in Nigeria, and she grew up hearing stories about his time there. She also loves traveling and immersing herself in different cultures, which led her to do missionary work in Tunisia during the ISIS crisis in 2015.

Tooley is also a teacher and loves telling stories, which she sees as a natural combination with missionary work. She wants to show people what the mission field looks like and bring them into these cultures and places that they may not be able to visit due to war or terrorism.

Tooley talked about how she picked the cast for her movie. She praised the cast, particularly the main actress, Mackenzie Mosa, who she clicked with immediately. She also talked about the challenges of casting kids in Taiwan, where education is highly valued, and how they ended up casting older actors to play the kids.

Tolley then shares her writing process and the filmmaker’s desire to connect secular and Christian audiences through her film. She talked about how she wanted to create a story that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their beliefs. She wanted to show that faith can be a part of everyday life and that it doesn’t have to be preachy or exclusive.

CJ Watson and his Quiet Storm Foundation

NBA veteran, Author and Philanthropist CJ Watson shares his journey from playing ball, to his Quiet Storm Foundation to becoming an author.  Watson who has a passion for helping children uses his real-life experience to author books that helps families address real issues kids deal with today. 

Quiet Storm Foundation is a service model nonprofit organization. Quiet Storm provides opportunities for community partners to get involved through volunteer service, monetary donation efforts or In-Kind donations.

Quiet Storm was founded by the Watson family in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009.They believe it was very important to provide opportunities to youth and families through a service model approach. At Quiet Storm, we foster creative educational learning opportunities, innovative trainings, social skills development, community service projects, service-learning engagement and an array of health/fitness, recreational experiences throughout the year.

Over the years Quiet Storm established partnerships with public schools, agencies, community stakeholders, businesses and organizations to bring greater opportunities to serve more youth in need of services offered through their mission work. Our mission at Quiet Storm Foundation is to provide a positive impact on underrepresented youth by providing educational and recreational opportunities to advance their academic and life goals.

Real talk marriage and finances

Our real talk topic this episode finances and marriage!  Should our salaries determine who is the head of the household?  What about prenups?  Should kingdom couples have prenups? 

To connect with Sydney Tooley visit her website.   Want to contribute to CJ Watsons Quiet Storm Foundation visit his website.  Thank you for listening. 

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Marriage, Finances, Missionary Work and Foundations with Sydney Tooley and CJ Watson
CJ Watson and youth at a Black History Luncheon
Marriages, finances, missionary work and foundations with writer director Sydney Tooley and NBA Veteran CJ Watson