Meditation, Mental Health and Music: 3 Inspiring Stellar Award Weekend Interviews!

What is meditation?  Are we doing enough in the black community to raise awareness for mental health?  And why aren’t we supporting our gospel artists enough?

During the 2022 Stellar Awards weekend Da Fixx sat down with 3 members of the CHH community to discuss faith, music, community and more.

CEO and Founder of Indie Go Inspire; Patrice Delisser drops in to talk the importance of investing in our youth, learning to connect with them in a genuine way and providing them with the tools needed to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

She opens up about growing up in Philadelphia and having a “cultural awakening” in high school when she was given a ticket to an Academy of Music event and witnessed Jessye Norman, a black opera singer on stage for the first time.   Listen as Ms. Delisser shares the inspiration behind her production company and why she’s championing for mental health awareness in our communities.

Producer and Songwriter Jabari Johnson drops in to talk growing up in the church but developing his actual relationship with Christ as an adult, his lifelong love with music, making the decision to pursue music professionally, the importance of authenticity, support in gospel music, wanting to work with Tamala Mann and Raphael Saadiq and his new project. 

Author and Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant stops by with a word!  Discussing the art of meditation and the importance of silence, solitude and introspection in our personal walk with Christ outside of corporate worship; Dr. Bryant stresses the need for believers to spend one on one time with God to strengthen our faith and to understand what God is doing in our lives. 

He also touches on politics and the church, understanding the difference between personalities and principles and the impact of capitalism and prosperity gospel on the church. 

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DJ Focus
Do you think it’s harder to pour into them now compared to the older time? You know? You know, kind of like what you just demonstrated gave the example of of when you came up, you know, those things were poured into you. Do you think it’s hard now for some of the older church moms to do that to the younger generation now?

Patrice Delisser, Indie Go Inspire

Patrice Delisser
I must tell you, no, because I some if you ask those those mothers at the time when they were younger, who put them during their time. So I think it’s very essential that those who parents, young people now know the lingo, know the culture, know how to connect with them. So, no, you just have to put in the effort in the time to get to understand how do I reach this generation of young people?

And they’ll know and they’ll be able to tell and seem like we did. We’ll know who’s authentic or not and who really cares about, you know, not just how we make money and stuff and being entrepreneurs. But at the end of the day, when you lay down all that money, it’s your soul salvation that’s most important. And when you take the time to really say, you know, care about them and say, Hey, I know you’re out here trying to, you know, make it and get the bag, the whole nine yards.

But don’t forget that, number one, the gift of resources comes from the Lord. You didn’t make the money to the energy to make this even to go out and get it. Still comes from the Lord. And three, don’t forget to thank him for the blessings they give to you. And also remember to give back because the Kingdom of God is simple.

He gave to us and as representative we are to do the same. That’s good. That’s good. Thanks for sharing that. So I know you were born and raised in Philadelphia. Can you talk about your musical Who are some of your musical inspirations growing up and then how you got into music yourself? I actually had a very interesting interest in music from from all genres.

And growing up in a community that’s predominately African-American and things were R&B, the whole nine yards. Interestingly enough, I had a teacher in high school who he was a biology teacher, but he loved. He would go to different events in Philadelphia, some opera houses, stuff like that. And so I remember one time he came to the class and said, Hey, he had been given some tickets to go to see this show at the Academy of Music, which is one of the premiere orchestral venues in the city and pretty much around the world, because I’ve seen so many iconic classical musicians and singers come through that venue and so here I am.

You know, this kid just took the subway at the school, whatever. And for some reason, I was intrigued by the fact that it was a free ticket. That’s number one. And a number two I know says something about the fact that in the way he presented it, like, you know, if you’d like to go have the ticket. And I remember he had a couple of them, but I was the one who took the ticket.

Nobody else did. And when I got there, I took the subway home to my mom. Hey, I got this ticket. Whatever is okay. If I go. She said, Oh, no problem. Just be back. You know, it goes in the back. And so I got down there and it was like a culture number one culture shock, but also a culture awakening.

And I find myself this particular time, I’m at opening night at something that I have never even knew was it was opening night. What is it opening night? When I’m standing there on the steps of the Academy of Music and I’m seeing limos pull up. I’m seeing people come out with fur coats and tuxedos and all this sort of stuff, and they don’t look like me.

But I was just in awe of the fact that somebody, you know, I would see people get dressed up in church, even, you know, like that. But to see some people come to at a venue of that caliber and to see, you know, these different people, it was even more intriguing, intriguing. And so, you know, as a student, you get tickets and you end up they don’t give you like you don’t get the orchestra seats, you get the students seats.

So you’re up on the mezzanine, mezzanine, you know, the balcony. Balcony. But what I remember is when the lights went down and the conductor had just, you know, moved the baton. And the first person I saw come out was Jessye Norman. And if you don’t know anything about Jessye Norman, she is like the iconic opera singer. So I’m this little kid and I saw this woman, this African American woman come out in such regal ness and she stood on the side of conductor.

She’s facing the audience. This place packed out and she opened her mouth. And when I tell you, I told you, I’m on the balcony, get balconies. Her voice. There was no Mike. This is her voice truly washed over the and this is no exaggeration, washed over the entire venue for an hour. I was spellbound by this this woman who came in with such command and elegance and regal Ms..

And it was just fascinating. So every time now, when I left there, I was just like, what just happened? What what door is open for me? Like, let me now. I would have known what a door. But, you know, they were just we just stimulated a part of my brain that I had never experienced before. And so I started, you know, asking now sort of the biology teacher giving me tickets.

I would ask for tickets. And then sometimes he wouldn’t even go, but I would go. And then so and of course, my mother used to be like variety shows with like on TV. So, you know, she would watch all these different things. I saw, you know, rock bands and all kinds of stuff. And so I was this kid in the hood with a collection of rock music, classical music country, the whole nine yards and even Christian music.

But it just opened up just avenues of music appreciation in my early years. So that’s the short story. No, that was amazing, though. Can you talk a little bit about the production company that you started? Oh, it was production company. I started that officially in 2009, which at only productions and I that really came out of the fact that I was doing concerts at my church.

So I was one to kind of, you know, do things in the afternoon just to bring the families together afterwards. And I guess once again, it goes back to the, you know, the theme of the church teaching is to give back. And so not that I’m old at that point, but I’m just saying not now. But anyway, but just giving back.

And and my husband said to me, sound like to him. He said, you know, you really should be doing this. Maybe you should make this a business, make it professional. And I said, I don’t think so. And he said, No, you’re really good at this. You really should do this. And so that’s how I got started. And my first interaction, because like I said, I love all types of music.

I was at this point, you know, you had cross movement and stuff going on. So that early hip hop, that kind of thing. And I was I mean, talk about the cruise ship out. I was like, I was hooked from the first from the first bar. So and I really had a love for the Independent artists. So I started out with independent artists.

So I worked with the Truth T ys and these guys back in the ambassador and things like that. So it was great being able to have them and do some shows with them as well in the beginning. And then it kind of morphed a little bit trying to get my feet wet with more. The mainstream artists and it kind of just grew from there.

So I’ve been asked to do four churches. I’ve brought in some Smokey Norful, JD Harrison, Vinnie Jones, you know, the list goes on. No, that’s amazing. And that’s why I call you a legend, because I talked to some of those rappers, you just me. And they talk all the time about how, you know, some of their first opportunities were with you, especially within the Christian hip hop.

Like, you know, back then, there were not a lot of promoters who were promoting concerns for Christian hip hop. Like it was still something that was kind of new. Even though it had been out for years, it still hadn’t caught on. So this is why, you know, I do want to give you a rose because you you opened the door for a lot of artists who are still thriving right now to this day.

DJ Focus
So, listen, it takes it takes people like you to start something to keep that thing going. And that’s what we want, you know, especially with their music. So definitely one solution to that. Well, you know, let me tell you a quick story. I this we were short. So my church is a very traditional church. And I got wind of this fact from Reno, got in trouble, too.

Patrice Delisser
So anyway, Hellblazer was talking to him and I found out that a woman six to reach Reach Reach Records was going to be doing their tour. So we’re talking about Lecrae. We’re talking about I mean, we don’t know the whole Woman six Sugar Rock, all of them. And so I said, You know what? I said, Let me get a call and see if they’ll come to the city.

But I didn’t have a whole lot experiences with venues, venues. I said, Well, you know, my church can hold about roughly 15,000, 1500, 2000. And so my pastor asked them, and you know, what he thought about doing it and said, Hey, I want to do this, but this is going to be on a different day. This is not this is just me now, ready the church.

So I rented the church. So I wasn’t like you. Do me a favor. No, this is the movement, the church. So when I went to put it up there, you know, for tickets, I got a couple of tickets initially, and then they put it up on tour that, you know, an actual list of their tour stops. And then when I saw somebody buy a ticket from Bermuda, I was like, Oh, wow, somebody is going to fly for this.

This is the this is cool. And so by the time so I was on the day before the show, this was in November of 2011 or something where around that time to the sunflower. And so I said, Oh, we’re good. We’re straight. Because, you know, at this point, I don’t think, you know, if we had sold like half the and I told you the capacity, like half the amount of seats, so we’re good.

So we, you know, they pull up the tour bus, the whole nine yards. And when I tell you when the doors opened, it was like a typhoon of people coming to the door. Wow. To the point where the church was so packed. We had reached over 2000. If anybody’s watching this and I know some people that if you go to watch this and that you were at the Philly show, it was so packed in there, the floor, the seats were cut, the seats were packed, the carpet was covered.

They had already had rush Everything was to the to the to the rostrum area. We had a balcony and I couldn’t even get through. That’s how we were packed. They were packing their sardines. We literally had two glass doors that open into the sanctuary. All you saw was bodies pressed up against the glass doors because that’s how packed it was.

I couldn’t even go through to say, Excuse me, excuse me. I had to go downstairs, come up, go the other way. And now to be able to access the side where they had already set up everything. So we saw him a d.j. Fisher. He had the thing going. I mean, it was crazy in there, so I love this balcony.

The balcony was so packed and people were jumping on the balcony and I said, Good grief, if somebody is this thing has got to shut all the way down, they got a rest. Means there’ll be a fire marshal the whole nine yards. But let me tell you something that only pushed me even further. I said, I’m going harder.

I’m going harder. I would have conversations with people at Radio One. I would go to the table at one time. Was they with with the truth? We went there, had conversations with some. I was about to slip and say his name, and I would do that just advocating like, come on, you know, you guys, they’re hungry for this music.

So it’s been it’s it’s, it’s been, it’s been awesome. It’s been awesome. It has been awesome. And praise God, keep listening. Keep advocating because we’ve been advocating too, as well. That’s we’re on Sirius XM right now. So listen, the ones that want to stay behind, stay behind because this thing has been thriving for well over, I would say, the last 12 to 13 years.

Like it’s really been thriving. Mm hmm. And shout out to people like, you know, don’t sleep on it. But and don’t hate on charts. Look, people like the McCrae. The truth is, you know, the truth came back with it as a fire album, I mean, is still taken out. And I mean, so and as my friend t was t wise people don’t even understand t was written for so many people that you’re listening to today.

And I’m telling you right now, if you come to Atlanta t when I was back, I’m telling you right now he’s coming with pure fire. Yeah, I’ll listen. I’m anticipating I talk to him too as well. I said, listen, we ready for the music? We ready the play. So send it to us. Mm hmm. Absolutely. And you tell us about, you know.

DJ Focus
So what inspired you to start, you know, Indigo Inspire. Talk about that a little bit. What actually started Indigo Inspire was really indie people thing that were indie. I mean, independent artists when actually it came out of scripture where we are, each are commissioned to spread the gospel and to make disciples. And so that individual mandate that’s on all of our lives is what makes us indie, not indie for ourselves, but indie for Christ.

Patrice Delisser
And so it’s really a way to draw you in, but also understand, remind you of what your role is and what your responsibility is. And you have a call in your life the message of Jesus Christ that’s impactful. That’s impactful, you know, So you made it into a clothing line, too, as well, right? Can you talk about your clothing line?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. That also was a gift from God, too, because really, right during the time of by the time before the pandemic even happened, I was on this trajectory because everything was going on with all the racial situation, George Floyd and everything else. And it was really just weighing heavily on my heart. And then just one day I’m sitting down and just trying not to let this swirl of just this racism just take me under emotionally.

And I kept thinking, what can I do? What can I do? Like, I mean, I’m just I feel like I’m just one person, but and I love everybody. Like I said, I came up loving all types of music. And so I’ve been places, camp crowds, been the only black bristolian kind of stuff. So, you know, I’m just global.

I just love people in general. And then one day, so, you know, music. Wow, People don’t understand that music. Thinking about my background, music is the one thing in not as many things, but for me, extreme music is one thing that’s woven in every culture. No matter if you in your shirt or hut you’re in a tribe, in the village all across this globe, music is a part of your culture.

And so when that dropped in my spirit, that’s when I said, okay, this is what I want to do, but I don’t want to just do it because I want to do a clothing line. Once again, it has to give back. And so I just asked the Lord, quite simply, deejay, give me give me fresh, fresh creativity. Give me give me the gift of creativity and before the hour.

And I’m not exaggerating. That’s how we know. Before the hour was over, I was sketching me at my dining room table and it was retrospection. And I found it interesting that in the vocal arts and I know there’s subcategories, but there’s soprano, alto, tenor, bass is still soprano alto, tenor based in Italy is still soprano, outsold singer based in Australia, is still soprano Alt.Latino based in in South America.

It’s still the same. Then he gave me the gift of the instruments. You still have for four sections. You have winds, percussions strings and you have the the the keys. And he just led me from that point on, just searching search and search and searching and making that connection. And so that’s how we got started. And then by the time we were really taken off and I made my first design and got it out there, I was fortunate.

I was blessed really, to have an impact. Reporter From the Huffington Post. So my dress, which is a one voice dress and it was named one of the top dresses. At this point, we’re coming to the pandemic. So everybody is now, you know, at home, you know, trying to have Zoom meetings, that kind of stuff like that. And my dress was included as one of the top dresses for casual wear at home casual wear in 2020.

Dr. Jamal Bryant, Meditation as a Spiritual Discipline

I think that the church, what it taught me is that the church never taught the congregation the art of meditation and a personal walk is that we only put all of our energy in corporate worship. You’ll notice that the Jewish synagogue never rushed to reopen the mosque, never rushed to reopen. It was the church that was rushing because we never learned how to make our home a sanctuary.

And so that we had to really recalibrate how it is that we encounter God in what is our relationship to him away from the masses. So with that being said, Pastor, you said something very relevant the power of meditation. Can you speak a little bit more to that? Because I don’t think a lot of people understand the power of meditation.

And some would I would argue, some don’t even know really what real meditation is, right? Our church, especially the neo Pentecostal tradition, is built around called a response is around in action. And it is the authenticity is connected to energy. And so the black church, we never have a time of solitude. We never have a moment of introspection.

The choir got to be jump in. Whoever is leading the worship invariably is going to say, You all could do better than that. Yeah, come on, let’s do it for five more minutes. We think that if we apply it, then it’s dead space. And we are very poor conversationalists because we know how to talk to God, but we don’t know how to listen.

So those who were stressed the most were those who have relationship because they didn’t know how to tap into God without the theater and the drama of church. But how do we find them within the solitude of our own pastor? Come on, let’s talk about a little bit about faith and sports before we get into it. Really get into this game, I think.

Do you think with everything you know, the next generation, the youth, you know, everybody’s aspiring who’s an athlete. They look at all the new, you know, up and coming NBA players and just athletes right now want to beat them. But do you think because of the salaries, do you think that’s taking the passion away from people just wanting to be athletes and aspire to be something different compared to everybody aspiring?

They have the biggest contract or, you know, these super teams and everything that’s going on with that. Well, there’s the question we got to ask is how fervent will worship be if we take away capitalism? The last two weeks you have heard more from preachers about prayer flow, Dallas remarks about tithing than we have heard preacher say. Anything about Roe versus Wade, about gun control, about Duvall, all about Buffalo, about the Ukraine, about the economy, about predatory lending.

But you mess with their tithes. Everybody has something to say. And so I think that what it is that you’re seeing about young people in sports is what a lot of our churches react about, Tavis, is that the church only prepares us for the harvest, but never for the drought. Jones of Promise Years is going to be seven years of prosperity, but it’s going to be seven years of a drought.

What are you going to do with the average car payment now will be over $700. We’re you’re going to do an average have about 10%. We’ve not given the necessary tools for the body of Christ for how it is that they ought to function in an economic downturn. And so as a consequence, we treat topic like the lottery, that if you give this 10%, you’re going to win.

You get a car, you get a car, you get a car. But we don’t put into place. If you suffer with him, then you’ll ride with them. And so I think that we can’t go too heavy on inner city athleticism if we don’t deal with suburban prosperity. That’s good. That’s good. Listen, I definitely want to hear your response.

I’ve heard it, but some of the listeners might not right now may have never heard it. Talk about your response, a crisis response as a pastor to the role of God. Under Overton, Christianity is pro-choice and Jesus said, I stand at the door and knock. If you let me in, then I’ll come in. And so Jesus is never found guilty of breaking and entering.

It is amazing that evangelicals only want to legislate righteousness on one level. So if you’re pro-life as evangelicals say that they are, why do they not feel the same way about the death penalty? If they’re pro-life, why don’t they say anything about gun control? If they’re pro-life, how come they not make any statement about aggressive policing? If they’re pro-life, why is it they’re led to abandon the country but turn away to Haitians to die in the Atlantic Ocean?

So we’re pro-life. Let’s be consistent around the border. And let’s be clear that this is a democratic nation. I am for the safeguarding of all of our children, but I do not feel as if we can pick and choose what are the righteous principles that we’re going to stand by. That’s good. You just said something to as well.

I want you to send them back. And I promise you don’t get to the sports. No, no, no, because I. You dropped some gems today. Why is it that us as believers, there’s always every time election time comes around, you talk about politics and believers. Why is it that I thought we were believers first? We’re followers of Jesus Christ first.

That should be the main focus. But every time election time comes around, like you said, you know, you see the left, the right. And if you if you own the left and you own the right, we’re at each other’s throats like we’re not believers. Why is that? Because black people in this country, we focus as all of our energy on personalities and not on principles.

The evangelicals showed us something in the last election cycle. They said, we ride with Trump because he’s against abortion and he’s against same sex marriage. So we don’t care if you hold the Bible upside down. We don’t care if his personal life is against women. He’s holding on to our issues. What do black people say? Was he a good speaker?

Did they come by our local church? Is he energetic as a charismatic? Because we are not focused on any issue in the Bible. They want our people die from a lack of knowledge. Focus. I’ve never been in church with you a day in my life, or what I am going to say is nine times out of ten when you’ve been church in election season, they are not unpacking any issues.

It is just from the person. Less support Robert Smith because Brother Smith grew up in this community. Let’s support this. Just because Mr. Johnson is dealt is in the life. Went to TSU. That’s our girl. But we’re not asking any of the relevant questions. Where do they stand on the issues? And we have to mature to the place that we’re able to hold people town.

What Jeremiah Wright said, Everybody who’s out college is not just going into 2024. What are the issues that we’re asking? And if we’re not asking, how are we not holding people accountable? That’s good. That’s good. And listen, you actually you’ve been in a couple of services with me. You just didn’t know me. I am actually up under Dr. Ari Varney right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

I’m a member of the word church, a deacon, actually, of the word church. So, listen, I’ve been hearing you preach for a long time. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Absolutely. All right. Let’s talk about let’s get to this smoke czar, This one. We got this celebrity basketball game going down today. And when I tell you, it’s been trash talk and I saying, listen, are you going to lay hands on your players first?

Are you just going to go out there and let them ball? No, no, no, no. The reality is the other team already has a soundtrack for after the game is over and that song is going to play at the game was over in their locker room as we never made it that they’re stronger now they’re going to do a real good Oh you know one of Bishop’s staff has been all his time making a movie, so let’s just all go to the movies or he is going to be great, but let’s not.

You can’t put the bishop on the sidelines as a coach. Let’s not do that. That’s right, you lazy, because it’s my goodness. It’s just I want to be there. I’m not going to be able to make it. And I need focus to just stream it because everybody has been hyping this up and talking much just about you, Pastor.

And I’ll be honest with you, I know that you are the winning team and I just want to throw that out there right now. Let me say let me say I recognize you are a prophet. Listen, you are a prophet of the most part. God is because if people see that, I’m believing it. The second you just help us open your life, it’s going to happen.

If be a woman of God. This is going to happen on Thursday night. I promise you. Tonight all bets are off. I’ll just say the other team, I’ll just say this. Just look at the line that you teams up and you going to say one team, there’s no cardio. One team all eats. Oh, one, two, one team is couch potatoes, but there’s another team.

All right. If you just line that you two, if this was a football match, then that other team might be able to make. Well, we’re talking about a team with a majority of what is that is predicated on running. And that team can’t do that. You got to breathe. You got to be able to do that. They got to breathe.

That team is going to be looking for asthma bombs. So is that the game plan? Are you looking to run more on your team out the gate? Fast, simple. You just got a lot of I’m telling you, it’s going to be a short game for those of you bought tickets. I want to apologize in advance. This is like a mike Tyson’s like it’s only gonna go warmer.

Listen, in between we may bring out as a career. You just like us all. We may be great fortune out saying something, but after the first quarter is going to be clear. This is a waste of people stuff. But I’m glad. Really? This is about fellowship. Oh, yeah. It’s say we’re going to be outside, but after the first four has come, be clear.

You’re tuned back into the fix your source of faith. Infuse hip hop, R&B and poetry right here on Sirius XM Channel 154. Holy Culture Radio. You already know you rocking with Deejay Focus and Dice Gamble. And listen. Listen. You know, we already in ADC already know how it is. It’s Thursday Mountain and you know, it’s still a week. And, you know, it’s a lot of it’s going on shout out to all the events I’ve been shut them out all week but listen the one that I’ve been waiting on is going down tonight night at the Epic Center.

Producer and Songwriter, Jabari Johnson

Let me tell you, tell me they have been smoke all of like the last three weeks. It’s been smoke going. So listen help me welcome in another one of the players. Another one the ball is some say, you know, it is going to be baskets or it’s going to be bloopers. We already said that dice. So we’re going to see what it’s going to be tonight.

Help me welcome me in a super talented producer, songwriter, musician, gospel recording artists. Listen, the list goes on. The super talented Jabari Johnston. How are you doing, sir? You know, I’m in the building, Brian. I was good with baby. Let’s go. Come on. Crying. I’m a proud is on today or tomorrow. Let’s go. Listen, listen, man. This game is going down tonight, man.

But let’s before I get to the smoke, let me let me ask you a couple other questions first. There we go. Get right to the smoke after that. Can you share a little bit your faith story with the people, maybe how you developed your relationship with Christ? What do people who may not know you? Well, first of all, I grew up I was going to church before I was born.

My mom saved all the life. So, yeah, I grew up in the church. My mom was a missionary and my dad was a deacon. So I’m just going to my mom was the, you know, lead. You know, they had two people that conduct the testimony service office. Those are good, cozy church, God in Christ. I don’t know. Honestly, I didn’t really develop that relationship with Christ until I moved out of their crib.

I was like, Yo, I really want to get to know for myself. So, you know, God is my word. And that’s how I got all the songs and stuff started happening and stuff like that. So just taking some time with spending time with Christ along with some of this, I, I really saw, sir. That’s awesome, man. So where’s Logan at?

Because, you know. I know, I know. We got to talk about Al and you want to share with the people who are who Mr. Al is loving. Like, Oh, my Christy, my boy is so cute. Way he’s gay as well. That’s my little boy. My homeboy. Justin gave to me a couple thing probably like seven months ago. You know, finances are expensive.

I know. Yes, we did. I want one. And I said, For how much? He said, Oh, for free. I was like, you could say, so you know that he’s so good that he needs it is on page, right? This is on page. I know you trying to have your career popping off, but I mean, I you know, hey, if he can break into this the beginning of November, eating up our money anyway, you know, he like he like dog food with salmon, only put peanut butter on his stuff, know on his food and, you know, taking sucking up all my air for free.

I got to get my carpet shampoo once a month or once every two months, because every now and then he forget what outside is, right? You can bring in a bag if you listen. Listen. He just figured, you know, his is his pop, You know, eat real good. He’s right, you know? That’s right. You know, I know. I’ll talk a little bit about the music career, man.

How did you get your music career started? What it was people started playing guitar when I was three brothers years, three. And then my brother and my brother started a quartet group the seventh. We did start out with who’s like 19. And then I wrote a song called Grace and Mercy, and I started this group called Four Solos while still trying to did quartet.

And my brother was like, Yo, I’m not playing for you no more until you go out and do your own thing. And you know that It’s only like two years to actually listen to him. But once I got out there, I was like, Yo, I can do this. It wasn’t easy at first, but still an easy to this day.

But oh yeah, that’s how I got started doing my solo career and stuff like that. Man, it was crazy, you know? And then what was that? Of 2017, I signed with Iwan, who was now Monarch. I was able to release two records and a couple of singles under them. So yeah, I was happy injury. Aren’t you married? No, not yet.

I aren’t. You get married? Yeah, but you want to go say hello, cuz? I love them. All right. Well, I think it was about to get an exclusive, so I went over there. Oh, he put a whole lot of pressure on, and he said, Aren’t you getting married after getting married? Tell me. It’s no secret. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cause I wasn’t going to. As it turned out. And I was like, so we just the way it and I was like, What are you talking about? It is like, you don’t never. Plus a woman on social media like this, don’t you? All right, bro. Right, Right. Yeah. Well, I think she said I got about seven years to.

Whoa Oh, wow. Seven. She gave you some grace. You know, she just, as you said, you a lot. You did not tell you that. 0300 So she doing like this, doing like two tours, one two each as well. And now know the general heart. So to Vegas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean it’s a she was almost on the floor under the seat crying, laughing and you know where it.

No. Yeah. Is coming to Cleveland in August. I can’t wait I’ll be there. My to take your towels and tissue is that. Wow Israel Trust me, I’m not even like a week and a half because when I’m a fan, I’m just not a fan of his standup comic. But because Dave Chappelle is my favorite, you know, he just is the broad don’t care.

That’s my guy. No, Sam, But Kevin Hart, this one is real good. It’s real good. Listen, you just talked about some some of the goats in the game of comedy. What about in in music? Like who are a few of your, like, favorite artists where you like, whether you know them or not, You know, because you do know some you know, the most famous people that I care about.

Are you talking gospel? Are they talking talking about No, go, go, go. We don’t go for a curve. We’re going to go beyond, I say, because see, from the age time, one of my favorite artists, Raphael Saadiq, already said a tie tribute. Oh, by the way, Tasha, it was Newark Fire. Yeah, it’s fire fighters. It’s a straight rotation.

We’ve had it in rotation, literally like, Yeah, this is the part. Don’t play savior if, you know, if you drive because you go, you’re going down and you’re going down. I’m telling you. Now who else? Let’s, let’s follow. So I got to do five. One more. I’m gonna give you two. Anita Baker. Oh, Jasmine, It’s so nice. Listen, all of this be real.

If you had to pick two of them since you’ve got list, if you had to pick two of them, or what would it be? Who would be the two artist you would pick from any genre, dead or alive, to form a group. Your group? James Brown and Prince. What is it now? I go, No doubt about it. James Brown Wow, you give me right, James brother Chris, listen, put go tassel book.

Give me we go to sleep. Well, we’re going to be singing to no battle together. But yo sense of what you have made in your whole opinion. What do you think is missing in gospel music right now? Mm mm. Support collaboration. He is that from us like and I’m saying us because I’m in the genre but, but is it from like our community or maybe from an outside community I think is from, from artists and from, you know, because there was a time where like and I say it is like I’m old but I’m 30, so I was around long enough to see some stuff.

Yeah, but there was a time where like midnight musicals was popping off. Everybody was having a concert and everybody was showing up in support. You know what I’m saying? But now it’s just like, if you ain’t, if you ain’t poppin, popping in, nobody really support you, right? Or if you even if you’re doing something that’s outside the box, people will hate you for it.

And that’s not the new music. It’s not the new. They did it to current, but to see that is still going on. I was just like, Yo, yo, yo, like yelling a girl yelling on like, get over that. You understand why Let’s support each other, you know, even if you even if you don’t like them, you also support them.

There’s a lot of artists that I support do not like listen to on a daily are just don’t I don’t even have to like this person. But if I like your music, I’ma support you. Go sign right by the artist that I do not like. I’m just like, that song is dope. Yeah, you’re all saying. So let’s see.

That’s good. And people, people and gospel music and start doing what the rappers do. Well, they write stuff that they went to. Who are rappers be talking about killing people and blowing up the spot and all this stuff and all the women that they got now to change the fact that they changed fake and then the girls in the videos with the homies from high school.

And then, yeah, people in gospel music just started doing that. Well if you ain’t if you only been down to your last, if you don’t, you’re sick bad and got it to heal you. Stop singing it. Stop what? I’m saying that I was down to my last. No, you look right now, you know so I’m used to seeing I feel that.

So we do we leave. Do we leave room for creativity as artists, For creativity, but don’t don’t like you don’t like yours there every so that we’ve written some out been through all that every so I was going through stuff all right Oh God what’s day man You can start with me to sit around put me do this.

So write a song. Say sing about that. No, I’m good on that, you know, But they still keep with me. Do you listen? How the Achilles man. I know you. You hurt the Achilles a few years back I we look what I’ve done smarter every day. That’s all I’m saying. You clean, clean, clean. Okay, so you back. I’m back.

What? I promise you, I’m not trying to get in the game. I know I’m not coming down like Klay Thompson. No, no, no, not at all. It’s not happening. Are you going to wear a brace if I get a chance to put that boy back? Come on. You at least with at least one hand or some. A one hand or some.

We’ll see. We’ll see. I’m more focused, you know, when I start talking about the game. This I know I’m have a good game because my blood stop will not look like So when the game they come. Mm. I hit their little sales the years you know, I’m saying give me a little energy, you know I went and got my, my to what they call it, the vitamin cocktail, what they put the RPG and they allow Oh yeah.

I had two bags a day yesterday when I got my sports massage today I’m very rich. Come on, man. Let’s go. I was round Let’s go for some more gibberish. They into Froggy entered in this game. I’m accepting it because I’m going off You hear me from that? From the jump ball. When they took the ball. You better they get the ball first.

I’m. I’m covering whoever. Get the ball full court the whole game. Full court. I’m telling you brought your brother Jason say he going to lock you down, man. What you got to say. Yeah, he does that He say, you know, you know, he was upset at you too, as well. He say, man, you all know. You know, the men are gods, you know, altars and, you know, say things from the pulpit that you shouldn’t be saying.

Jason, Jason Too fat to stay inside the garden. And you know, all these guys keep talking about like, guys. Joel hit me today. I just want you to see that I’m going to do. Okay, you get ready. You ready? Here’s the thing with Doug getting ready. I’ve been ready, I hope every day now, Just hoping to get ready for a day.

I do this every day. I do this every day when I’m at home. You’re all set. And you got to guard Jay Drew. Well, I love Jay, too. I think I love my what you’re saying. But, you know, they drew of. Oh, okay. I was Jay Drew ten years ago. Oh, boy. That day that Jay Drew, they drew was nice.

Yes. He was so little. They don’t know why Daniel’s put them in the same category. Would say, you can’t stay in front of me. And I got it. Got all good crossover with the handles, but I don’t get by anybody. Anybody is going to be so good. I was training with my training yesterday and Donald was posting his videos, his training and all that.

I’m like, you know, you got to train and I got somebody that is giving me advice that actually got a ring would go to they would you know, so you’re saying is you don’t say you’re all set. So we were student yesterday and I train it taught me a trick he taught me he said everybody be looking at the rim when they shoot the ball, but they don’t know exactly what they aim for.

Everybody is just trying to hit the bottom. No you’ll be become exactly with AIM four. We had three points to that and we and not trying to clear the Jamal cleared it out could nobody nobody tell how I’m man frame but I’m ready and down that was that was you know buckets up everybody posting a highlight clips I have to words thank you thank you very much I really appreciate you because as a ballplayer all I need is tape and I can fit you out where when?

All I need is tape and I can speak as well. This is a couple of things I know about Doug that you don’t even know about yourself just by watching the clip that he. Oh, let me tell you. So the first three times he touched the ball, I’m ripping it all black. Promise. Oh, wow. So call out what you what you did, what you did for you go with the double.

Double which what you’re going. I’m going for the win. I don’t care if I get a double double and triple double whatever. What I won’t be doing is putting up Draymond Green numbers. The problems you got to know when I tell you that now we’re a team ball talk about color you may as soon as that sun as soon as that ball go out listen I started it to Jordan, to Kobe.

Come on. Trust me Tracy Wallace in there to listen. This game is going to be ridiculous, man. Are you? What? So what have you expected from the teammates? You had a chance to work out what your teammates ought to be on the bus to work out. One of the guys from Jamal’s team. But, you know, he starts some of the jumpers.

Me, I just don’t get on the bus until the somewhere else is what it is. They want to make sure you can run up and down the court with. I got a torn meniscus and I’m still going to ball. Don’t talk to me about no jumping knee. I ain’t worried about none of that. I had a chance. I had a chance to play against not a lot, but I’m getting a dope.

I got some dogs on my team. Everybody to New York, to the taco a doubt. Kate Jones is definitely a dog. We go to be titles in the in the NBA. All right we take our oh but he know the game you know experience beats every big so is what it is we go and I hope they get somebody Oh leave him out since you know leave him out and see what happens.

Please, I beg of you. I just want to see if you go play the ball because the trash talking go be so loud on that floor, please. A dollar kids on my he going to out and give me all my guy. You can talk me on my guy once I lucky I mean I go he say no to until I get up to that so we get about 30.

Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. We get about 30. There you go. Until we got about 17 point down. Not one. Not, not a single one, not you know, not zero. I’m not going to what that is. I lose. No. Because I listen I hope and they backing it up because I’m listen, I’ll be courtside and I’m getting everything all waxed bro.

So I’m telling you, I. I need you to back this up tonight, man. I need you to back it up. Going to take some. Making it right now. You give me, you give me like I tell my notes any time I know dollars at a peak that I’m talking about, we bought the you know we got to make it ready and this defense got to be so legit.

They’re going to give me a cut. Their Atlanta Hawks are going to want to give me a contract. If they see the defense I put on this, get out. I guarantee. Guarantee. Oh, my goodness, man, if all we get for we get you out of here yet and the boys to get ready, I want you to get ready.

What can we expect for you musically? Are you going on tour? What’s happening? What’s the music for the summer? We’re going to do so I’m getting ready. I’m. I’m release another E.P. I’m for. Okay, a new song on there. What’s the name of that joint? That’s my new song. One Touch. No, no, not one time. Just another day.

That’s what it is. That’s what it is. This release, that joint in the fall, you know, we’re going to make we’re going to make some jump signings. Stop any special collaborations on it? On the AP, You We’ll have to see. Drop that exclusive. You already know them. Breakfast drop, bro. What’s up? I will say this. I do. I want to get some of them in on my EP.

Who is? He’s like, he’s like a mother to me. So I know that she be down to do it. So we’re going to see what happens. We’ll see what happens. You know, that that, that that’s how you make a collab on on one touch record is pretty nice is crazy and crazy party is telling to even go in the studio and doing the overdubs.

She did that that night and I was like, I need. I was like that and I hit it. Gone by business. You don’t want it. We need, we’ll need it. We good? You know, if I can make this Raphael Saadiq laugh episode Oh, don’t even I got to be honest. Got to be fire. Yeah, I’m dead serious. I really want to do a song with Raphael Saadiq.

Wow. Amazing. And I know it’s going to happen. You know, hopefully he’ll look at deals one day and be like, I’ll just we are like, Yeah, I was like, You obviously so, but I got to get ready for this game. I got to go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But listen to the people. How to follow you on all your social media platforms.

And definitely it’s got to people where they need to be at night. It I so it’s going to at demand church you know saying that I thought that no it’s to a Jamal but you know understand it’s our thought I tried and it was like you know what’s happening at my church And I said, you know, I’d be on it to beat you and your team in your church.

I’d be honored. So that’s what is going down. Baby is going to make it rain. If you want to follow. Good boy. Follow me, everybody does this to a B.a.r Johnston. It’s on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and my Twitter is Johnson, underscored by I’m partly of we’re on Twitter, so just itemized if you all MySpace or Bebo. Oh, oh wow.

That’s still back right there for real listen introduce your ladies single to us way Jabar you crazy introduced you like to single y’all So I got this new song I call it OneTouch crazy with some dope singers on a dope band is talking about the woman with the issue of blood asking Let anything stop us from getting diseases because she knew one touch changed her life.

So check out this new song, One touch. Keep it like you’re tuned into the fix and fixes in.

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