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Sports: Meta No Peace

Published on April 23, 2012

When the Lakers forward formerly known as Ron Artes changed his name to “Meta World Peace” we all shook our heads, not in amazement or annoyance but the majority of sports fans just felt it was plain stupid. Most of us thought it would be short lived. Last night, Meta World Peace did not exhibit peace. He exhibited anger toward Oklahoma City Thunder player James Harden when he gave him a vicious blow with his elbow causing him to suffer a concussion. Onlookers in LA and via the web and television land felt disgusted and sheer surprise.

I won’t continue to rehash the incident between Mr. Peace and Mr.  Harden, but when your name is “Peace” shouldn’t you live a peaceful life?

Prior to changing his name, Artes was not known for peace. In fact, he was known for his crazy antics on the court.  In 2004, during the Pacers vs. Pistons game, while lying on the scores table trying to avoid trouble, he was suddenly hit by a cup of beer. He then proceeded to attack random sports fans in the stadium. Today, with a new name, one would think the player formerly known as Artes would remember his past transgressions and attempt to correct them. Not so. Everytime we hear about the small forward it is in relation to a player being hurt or an argument gone awry.

Meta was the trending topic on Twitter and the topic of conversation for just about every sports fan, leaving everyone wondering how Meta World Peace could have done such a thing to Harden.

Names are important. God in his omniscience changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Most Biblical scholars have stated that Jacob means “Supplanter or seizing by the heel” while Israel means “struggle with God”. Other folks in the Bible had their names changed as well but we won’t delve into that. The bottom line is that when your name is changed you ought to exhibit that change in your lifestyle. Once you become a Christian you changed and that means you are a new person who has a new slate.

What is the meaning behind your name? Are you a Christian? Does your behavior compliment your name?

Ron Artes Jabs Harden:
Ron Artes hit with beer can:

ABOUT AUTHOR: Brigitte “Serious” James is a happily married woman of God who enjoys watching and playing sports, rapping, singing and spending time with her husband Mr. C and precocious 4 year old J Swag. Follow her on Twitter at @serious_voiceny

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