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“MIC DROP” chronicles the culture and journey of Christian Hip Hop from its inception to its present-day millennial influence that has caught fire once-again as a “grassroots movement” among indie artists and fans all over the world.

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Overview of the Project

This documentary presents the history of Christian Hip Hop, weaving an engaging storyline throughout the film and showing the positive impact of Christian Hip Hop on today’s generation. “Mic Drop” chronicles the journey of artists who were captivated by the Hip Hop movement, both in message and style, but found the message in conflict with their new relationship in Christ. Committed to the genre, they pioneered Hip Hop with a Christian message and boldly took their music and message to the clubs, churches and the streets of their neighborhoods.

This is a real-life story of musical evangelists who are passionately dedicated to spreading the message of Christ’s salvation. Today, they not only speak to the original culture where the genre was born, but to believers and seekers around the world.

“Mic Drop” contains inspiring interviews and performances by the founders of the Christian rap movement and today’s popular artists. The sacrifices made by the founding artists paved the way and created a thriving ministry. This is an inspiring story of how God works through and expands the ministry of those who earnestly seek him.

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