Miles Minnick featuring Emanuel Da Prophet – Chokehold(Music Video)

Miles Minnick partnered with Emanuel Da Prophet to drop Chokehold, an uptempo single leading into his album, Holographic, dropping on November 11, 2022.

Miles Minnick, Emanuel Da Prophet – Chokehold – Lyrics

Verse 1: Miles Minnick
Make the devil kick the bucket, he gon' tip it over
You ain't really in the game, you's a ticket holder
I seen them tables wasn't turnin', so I flipped it over
They want the album, wanna see if I could send it over
Living water in my cup, man He gon' top it off
I hear them talkin', you should stop it, you should knock it off [Stop
Devil pulled up to my party and I was cautioned off
Poppin' off, hit him with that ooh, he can't walk it off
Yes I rap but my life's a TV show
You better not cross that line, like a free throw
And I ball in the Bay like I'm beast mode
Rep that GLO and I stay with that G code
Big step likе I'm, this ain't nothin' new to me
God took my flesh, lеt me rebuild my eulogy
Nation the GLO, you should know my community
GLO on my soul so we shine without jewelry

Verse 2:EmanuelDaProphet
Got the Holy Spirit on still 'cause he came in
Told the devil, "Get up out my way 'cause your day's bent"
Lord movin', He just had his way, hit the Braves dance
Woke up, so thankful for His grace, I said amen
Lord grabbed me out the dark pit for the gang win
Ballin' out for Christ, I can't miss, I'm on game ten
Dunkin' on the demons' whole head like my name Ben
Came a long way from the trap, duckin' Ray-Bans
Now I'm best friends with the Lord and I hate sin
That fear tried to tempt me outside but I stayed in
Get the gospel music of the trenches on the way in
Tell 'em if they want me come and get me if it makes sense
Put a demon on skates it's Roll Bounce
Holy steppin' in my holy-flops with my toes out
Write the vision, had to make a plan, had my goals down
This a Holy Spirit takeover, let's roll out

Verse 3:Miles Minnick
G-got this thing in a chokehold [Choke
Demon time on decline, I'm on GLO mode [No joke
Make it slap, so I'ma snap like some photos
Watch my God take the wheel like a stolo [Skrrt
And you know what it is, keep your distance, don't question me
Changin' the game, got the gang to the left of me
Nothing can keep me from reaching my destiny
Take back the things that they thought that they kept from me
Bible in my hand, that's my bestie, don't try [Try
Rose up in three days 'cause legends don't die [Die
West to the world, that's just what I'm assigned
Run up them comments and told 'em it's time [It's time
GLO time is on the clock
From the bay, I do my dance, and we gon' hit the Milly Rock
Say you up, you really not
Devil got me really hot [Hot
Not I'm 'bout to pop his house like a can of soda pop [Oh God]