Misconceptions: Taking Responsibility and Personal Growth with Koryn Hawthorne

In this episode of Da Fixx we discuss various topics including, the importance of radio spins for artists, and misconceptions about CHH and in our personal lives. We are joined by special guest artist Koryn Hawthorne, who talks about her new song “Cry” and its sample from Tupac’s “Dear Mama.” We also discuss the need for diverse representation in music, the importance of mental health, and the power of forgiveness.

Spotlight on Koryn Hawthorne

We were thrilled to feature Koryn Hawthorne, a three-time Grammy nominee and award-winning artist, who has a new song called “Cry” with a sample from Tupac’s “Dear Mama.” We discussed the importance of originality and creativity in music and the need for Christian hip hop artists to have radio spins in addition to an online presence.

Koryn shared the backstory of her song “Cry,” explaining that it resonated with people because it offered hope and healing during difficult times. She mentioned that she leaked the song and people were begging for its release. We praised the song and acknowledged Koryn’s unique sound, which combines different genres. Koryn attributes her versatility to her upbringing and participating in competitions that covered various genres.

Challenging Misconceptions

We transitioned into a discussion about misconceptions and the importance of challenging our preconceived notions about people and places. We talked about how misconceptions can hold us back and shared personal stories about overcoming our own misconceptions. We encouraged listeners to seek the truth and not let misconceptions limit their experiences and relationships.

We emphasized the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and not blame their parents for their current situations. We also discussed the importance of seeking help and debunking misconceptions about therapy, particularly within the African-American community. We shared personal anecdotes about the benefits of therapy and how it can positively impact one’s life.

The Crown Act and Christian Hip Hop

We touched on misconceptions about Christian hip hop, with Dice Gamble sharing her experience of being told that her music wouldn’t be blessed because it was considered worldly. She emphasized that Christian hip hop is a form of ministry that reaches people beyond the church.

We also discussed misconceptions in hiring practices, highlighting the importance of diversity and challenging stereotypes based on appearance. We mentioned the Crown Act, which aims to eliminate discrimination against hairstyles commonly worn by African-American women in the workplace.

The Power of God’s Grace and Forgiveness

We debunked the misconception that God won’t forgive certain sins, emphasizing the power of God’s grace and forgiveness. We encouraged listeners to pray and ask God to reveal any misconceptions they may have and to be open to blessings and opportunities, even in the face of rejection or past experiences.

Stellar Award in Bear Tag Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game

We discussed the upcoming second annual Stellar Award in Bear Tag Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game, which will took place on July 13th in Las Vegas. We mentioned that Pastor Marvin Sapp and Pastor Jamal Bryant will be the coaches, with Pastor Jamal Bryant’s team winning last year. We expressed our excitement about potentially being drafted for the game and promised to give it our all if we make it onto the roster.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our recent episode. We hope you found it as enlightening and engaging as we did. Until next time, keep the faith and keep the music playing!

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Misconceptions with Koryn Hawthorne


The importance of faith and purpose [00:00:00] Discussion on the importance of faith, finding purpose, and connecting with God to discover one’s true identity.

Introduction of Koryn Hawthorne and her new song “Cry” [00:02:02] Koryn Hawthorne’s accomplishments and her new song “Cry” are mentioned, highlighting its sample from Tupac’s “Dear Mama.”

Discussion on the relevance of Christian hip hop and the importance of radio spins [00:03:58] The hosts talk about the creativity and originality in Christian hip hop, the significance of radio spins, and the impact of faith-infused music in the industry.

The backstory on “Cry” [00:10:38] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the inspiration behind Koryn Hawthorne’s song “Cry” and how it offers hope and healing to people going through difficult times.

Being an artist without limits [00:11:23] Koryn Hawthorne talks about her diverse musical influences and how she never wants to be confined to just one genre as an artist.

The meaning behind “Cry” [00:13:01] Koryn Hawthorne explains how the idea for the song “Cry” came about and why it was important to address the stigma around crying, especially in the black community.

Forming a Super Group [00:20:25] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss forming a super group with two artists from any genre, dead or alive.

Misconceptions and Overcoming Them [00:23:22] Dice Gamble talks about the importance of challenging misconceptions and getting to know people beyond initial judgments.

Reluctance to Seek Help [00:28:56] Discussion on why people are often reluctant to seek help, whether it’s going to a financial advisor or seeking therapy for mental health issues.

The importance of taking responsibility [00:29:38] Discussion on the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and stop blaming others for their circumstances.

Misconceptions about therapy [00:30:26] Addressing the misconceptions and stigma surrounding therapy, particularly within the African-American community.

Misconceptions about appearances [00:33:52] Exploring misconceptions about people based on their tattoos or physical appearance, and the need to change our perceptions.

The misconception about reaching out to people [00:38:29] This topic discusses the misconception that some people are not worthy of hearing about faith and the importance of reaching out to all individuals.

Misconceptions about Christians having fun [00:41:52] This topic challenges the misconception that Christians cannot have fun and highlights the various activities and events that Christians are involved in worldwide.

The misconception about God’s forgiveness [00:45:09] This topic addresses the misconception that God won’t forgive individuals for their past sins and emphasizes the importance of understanding and accepting God’s forgiveness.

The second annual Stellar Award in Bear Tag Entertainment Celebrity Basketball Game [00:47:36] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the celebrity basketball game happening on July 13th in Las Vegas.

The draft for the celebrity basketball game [00:48:45] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble talk about the draft for the celebrity basketball game.

The Winning Prescription Friday [00:49:43] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble tease the upcoming episode where they will discuss ten new songs that inspire and encourage a relationship with Jesus Christ.