Monster Tarver talks soul ties and triggers with Da Fixx

What are soul ties?  And do they have biblical foundations? 

Soul ties are widely recognized as emotional and spiritual connections between two people after becoming physically intimate.  Even the bible states in 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 16: Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body with her? For, as it is written, “The two will become one flesh.”

But did you know you could have a soul tie with someone who you may not have been physically intimate?  Soul Ties can also happen when one experiences an emotional connection with someone.  And it’s possible that it can be with someone of the same sex, regardless of “physical” attraction.  This includes close friends or even someone who fulfilled a “advisory” role in your life.   Why it becomes a soul tie is because of the deep emotional bond that was experienced. 

What are the signs you have a soul tie? 

Symptoms include obsessing about a person in your thoughts, dreaming about a person or waking up thinking about a person regularly and imagining or hearing the persons voice inside your head.  It is possible that the symptoms can reach a level where they impact your current or future relationships.  Even to the extent that you think about that person during inopportune times like while being intimate with your current partner. 

Soul ties can lead to manipulation, regardless of whether it is intentional or not.  They can also sabotage current and future relationships.  Soul ties work through the 5 senses.  And just like PTSD you can experience triggers.  Especially if the soul tie relationship was a toxic partner or significant other who was emotionally or physically abusive. 

Can soul ties be broken?  Just because a relationship ended doesn’t mean that the bond did.  Just like grief there are stages of healing.  And you can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge.  Once you identify and acknowledge the soul tie, you must decide to do something about it.  It’s time to take action. 

If the soul tie is with an abusive ex, therapy may be needed.  Journaling will also give you a healthy way to process your emotions and the relationship; giving you insight on what you can do to continue healing. 

And most importantly; pray.  Pray without ceasing.  When thoughts of the person come to your mind, pray.  Ask God to remove them and for guidance and strength in this spiritual battle. 

Special guest, wrestler turned rapper Monster Tarver shares his experience with soul ties in this episode as well as growing up in the church and his spiritual regimen.  Opening up about his spiritual awakening after realizing how secular music was poisoning his spirit Tarver shares how he began to seek out Christian music and the joy he found when he discovered Derek Minor and CHH.  

Going through a season of depression after losing his wrestling contract and then getting divorced; his mentor Elite Powerlifter Tony Conyers helped Tarver learn how to read and understand the bible ushering the newest member of GOM into his current season of breakthrough!

Now focused on his first official release with God Over Money, Tarver hopes to do a collab with the Midwest Choppa Tech N9ne and take CHH to the forefront of the music industry.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for the Ohio native.

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Monster Tarver Talks soul ties with Da Fixx
Monster Tarver talks soul ties!

DJ Focus: What’s next? So we, we know you tease us with this freestyle man, so come on. When the project dropping, I, I know you got some stuff over there on the shelf. You just sitting there waiting. .

Monster Tarver: I got a lot, man. I got, I got a lot in the chamber, man. No. Um, so the album is pretty much done as far as like recording music, new music for it or adding songs to it?

Um, I probably, I, I got close to a hundred songs that I recorded in the past three years for this, this particular album. Wow. And that was when, yeah. So in 2000, I, I, Datin and I met and started building in 2016. In 2019, late 2019, he, he stepped to me. He is like, yo, let me help you, let me work with you. You know?

I was like, what you wanna do? He said, well, let me executive produce, let me help you with your beats. Let me, I said, you got it. Let’s go. And then throughout 2020, it turned into, Um, me being him asking me to be a part of Menace Movement when he started Menace and, and then later in 2022, later in 2020 after the Andy Mineo thing and the Tech N9ne thing, he was like, yo, we go something different are going to put on you GOM and Menace.

Cause I really wanted to GOM I was just happy to be working with Datin, you know, and so I started in 2019 recording songs. He would just send me beats and I sent ’em right back to him. and I just wanted to show ’em how bad I wanted this. It ended up being almost a hundred songs two years later, almost three years later.

Wow. So we’ve narrowed it down to, we’re at about 25 songs. We were at about 18 songs, but now it’s back up to about 25 songs and we’re gonna narrow it down to about, between 15 and 16 songs. Um, and, but you know, aside from, so there’s other projects being mixed and mastered, they’re almost done, and their mind is kind of next up in line to get mixed and mastered and, and it was still, it’s some features that we’re working on that they’re, you know, still trying to put together.

But, uh, one real big one that I’m, I’m really praying for, man. I mean, I can let the cat out a bag with that one if I can get Tech N9ne on the song. Oh my goodness. I understand. He, he’s not a Christian rapper, but, oh, the point to that is . Right. I appreciate that. But you know, he, we kind of forged the relationship online that is in 2020 and.

He just, I mean, he, he op in the comments, you know, was like, you know, I would like to do a song with you. I’m like, yeah, yeah, of course. Lemme think about it. What , you know what I’m saying? So I, I sent him some music. We talked, you know, we’ve emailed him talked and I’m, I’m really trusting God that, that it’ll happen.

And the reason why is I been a Tech N9ne fan for a very long time, but mostly because it can open so many different doors for. For all parties involved. Right. And obviously it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t help him out any no more near as much as it would help me. And it’s not for it to be selfish, but I can see from knowing his music for over 20 years, I see him kind of walking that line of faith.

And as his music has progressed from being, you know, kind of sinister at, at times a little demonic to, not nowhere near as much, but more. Questioning his faith and kind of one being open to faith and being open to the idea of, you know, is there more than just the life that he’s used to. And I, I would love to kind of be a catalyst to like, just kind of just push him right over that line.

Like, bang, you know, here, try it. And, you know, Taste and see is actually pretty good. It’s actually better than anything else. Come on now. And it just, you know, I just, I feel like it would. A dope thing for C H H. Cause I, I don’t want to just come into C H H and just be an, just be a blip that just came and went.

I want to, I wanna push the needle. Like I, I wanna make C HH bigger than what it is. I wanna, I, I come from a different stage, you know, with the whole wrestling thing. So like, I, I’m, it’s not, none of it is new to me. I wanna come in and take C H H and put it in, in the forefront, you know, and have the rest of the world see and be like, well they, they got spitters over there like that.

Like, and like, wait a minute. It’s real like that. Like that’s, that’s what I wanna do. . And so what I’m doing is I’m dropping freestyles. I did three mix tapes, and so I figured, you know what, let me just go one freestyle at a time now. And I started with the Canon freestyle. I got three more in the chamber that I, you know, that the Canon freestyle was just an introduction.

I got three more in the chamber that we shooting little videos for. They’ll be coming over the next couple of weeks to kind of keep building anticipation, um, for the album. Because, um, remember when, when 50 50 dropping, like 2003, the, the buzz that was around him? Yes. You know what I’m saying? And same with jeez, Jeezy around 2005, like the buzz that was around him.

I, I wanna create that, like, you know, I think like in terms of business and mm-hmm. , I wanna create that buzz and, and just something new and different in c H H, you know, That’s what we’re working on. Listen,

DJ Focus: we, we talk all the

time about bridging the gap on this show. And listen what you’re

talking about doing with Tech N9ne, you creating that buzz.

If you got Tech N9ne in your comments, stop playing. You, you do just

told do stop playing. I’m doing my best, bro. My best.

Listen, listen, we definitely will be praying for you for this feature. We definitely, we want to see this collaboration happen. I think, uh, D one, when D one did the collaboration, Lupe Fiasco, he said something similar to what you’re talking about.

How, uh, he made sure when he, you know, he’s working with Lupe, that he came into his ram. He’s like, all right, you know, I know Lupe, you do this, but if you coming on this track, I, I definitely need you to keep it somewhat positive and stay in this vein. So I, I, listen, we gonna salute you and give your roses, and if we counted it as.

Done it. It’s, it’s already is done. Come on, man. It’s one of enough numbers on FM stations right now. ,

Dice Gamble: listen. Oh, listen, listen. I’m a fan of Datin, and, and please, please. Every, everyone’s a fan of Datin, please. Yeah. ,

Monster Tarver: right? Ill, yeah. So

Dice Gamble: can you tell us one thing maybe the fans don’t know in the out here? Good thing, you know, or something that you experienced or learned that you maybe didn’t even know about Datin that you know?

Oh man.

Monster Tarver: Man. You’d be surprised how much work Datin does behind the scenes in Christian hiphop. There’s a lot of people who have been put on because Datin. Helped put them in position and, you know, facilitated that position for them. Like he is really becoming a, a, a, a glue in c h h behind the scenes.

Like he’s very well respected by everyone in Christian rap. Like, it doesn’t matter how big the name is, when they see Datin, they, they, they immediately run up and they, they show him love like Datin behind the scenes and he’s. He’s meticulously organized, like I, and I love that he’s very organized and he just, he really has a passion for.

For helping people. He’s first and foremost, he’s really got a passion for the gospel. Like he’s got a passion for Christ. Datin’s a preacher. He’s just a street preacher from New Jersey. one of the best rappers in the world. But like, you know, you, you like, you feel like you talking to a brother from, from New Jersey and a preacher in the pulpit at the same time, he’s so cool and laid back.

You never feel like you’re being judged. You never feel like he’s never coming off condescending. Like he’s always he’ll, he’ll give it to you real, you know. You, you’re still talking to, you know, to a brother from Newark, New Jersey and the Timbs like you, you know, but, um, yeah. I love that dude, man. He’s just, he’s just, he’s got such a good heart and he’s so humble.

Mm-hmm. And my favorite part about that is that he’s so humble, like for being what and who he is, you know, it, it is, yeah. He, he’s so humble and it, and it just, it encourages me to want to be as easy to work with for him as possible, You know, and, and that’s one of the things I learned in, in pro wrestling too. Even if it’s something, you know, that you may not like to review with, be easy to work with.

And then you’ll be able to find yourself in positions where you have more control or say. So, you know, I’m not saying be a doormat, but just be easy to work with, you know? But he, he makes you wanna work hard for him, you know, and that’s, that’s one of the things that I really enjoy about him, the. most,

Dice Gamble: that’s a huge compliment.

My goodness. But he, he comes across that way. I didn’t know all that. Yeah. But just, you know, on screen it’s kind of like, you get that idea, you get that feel.

Monster Tarver: Oh, he is tough. He is real tough. . He, he, he, he’s tough. He’s from New Jersey. He’s tough, but like, but he’s like real. He’s, that’s all, everything you see about him is real.

That just, it just behind that he’s also, he’s like very, He just really wants to help you. It’s so crazy, man. He just really wants to help people and he does like, it’s a lot of people who are in some positions because of some work they Datin put in for him. Like it, it’s, it’s real dope. That’s awesome.


Dice Gamble: awesome, man. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Focus. We kidnapping Monster right now. What we gonna do? . We got a kidnap bro. Can we just stay all day asking questions or No? No. I wish you can’t hear you lost it. Oh, you can’t hear. Oh no. Oh, good. I can ask what I want to ask . So, monster . Oh man, you gotta, ok, ok, ok. I hear nothing.

There you go. Ok. Oh, hey, I was about to do the takeover, bro. . Hey. Okay, you back? Can you hear now?

DJ Focus: Yeah, I hear. I hear now. I don’t know what happened.

Didn’t hear nothing for a second. Yeah. Chris, we

appreciate you rocking with us today. Monster Tarver. Can you tell the people how they connect with you, how they can follow you on all your social media platforms?

Monster Tarver: Easy. Yes, sir. Much appreciated. You can find me at all. Social media platforms at Monster Tarver, uh, Instagram, have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. I don’t do TikTok Dance. Don’t worry, . Um, my link tree is in the bio of all three apps where you can find all of my music on Spotify and all of my mix tapes on Bandcamp, um, as well as my YouTube channel.

And yeah. Yeah. Be looking forward to looking, looking for the next, uh, next freestyle will be coming very, very, very soon. And it’s dangerous.

Dice Gamble: It’s dangerous. All right. Well listen, we gonna have our ears open and our eyes open and we’re gonna be waiting for that freestyle. Definitely wanna say thank you for coming on the show, taking the time.

We will be praying for you and with you as you’re moving forward in all of your careers and, and just in everything God has for you. And we, I, I’m just, I’m a fan, so I’m throwing that out there too. So if you ever see me on the streets and I just run up like it’s so, it’s just me. It’s just me looking forward.

It’s, you know, a little, uh, high. Okay. Okay. All good.

Monster Tarver: It’s all good. Thank y’all. I appreciate y’all.

Dice Gamble: Listen, um, y’all tuned into the fix. And the fix is in,


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