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Mouthpi3ce “No Grey Lines” – Now Available

Artist Name: Mouthpi3c3
CD Name: No Grey Lines
CD Release Date: 12/21/2011

Production credits: Perrie “AnonYmous Betts Jr.
Cameo appearances: Yaves (Street Pastor), M.A.L.I., Carlus Houston

Mouthpi3ce is not just a name but a call from God to speak to an un-reached generation by means of music and public speaking. Since accepting his call he has had the opportunity to preach, speak and perform at many churches, schools, and detention centers across the United States. The characteristics that separate MOUTHPI3CE from a host of similar artist in the music industry are his creative ways of delivering a message. He has a God given gift of finding new ways of introducing Jesus Christ. Unlike many others he does it without sounding so preachy and that’s even when he’s preaching. To the Kingdom’s gain many have accepted Jesus Christ as a result of his call. His charisma and skill makes the music attractive and desired among his peers saved and unsaved alike. This is a quality much needed in such a perverse generation as today. With all that said his die hard love and passion for Jesus Christ makes the anointing upon his life evident and undeniable. Before God is done with him, he is sure to have spoken a mouthful to the world.

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September 11, 2019

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