Mr. D.Tunes Releases New Single ‘God’s Plan’

Published on October 2, 2022

The new single ‘God’s Plan’ from distinguished, experienced rapper Mr.D.Tunes sends a crucially important message about life’s values and his morals.

“Life is not about fancy cars and jewelry. We should learn to be happy with what we have.” in the words of the man himself.

The single was originally written as a challenge to Drake, whose song shares the same eponymous title
as Mr.D.Tunes claims his song is much more ‘correct’ and accurate to the harsh realities of life.

Pre-save now as it will be in stores on Friday, October 6th!

About Christian Hip Hop Artist Mr. D.Tunes

Hailing from the South American nation of Suriname, Mr.D.Tunes is an emerging Christian Hip Hop artist with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Inspired greatly by God and the idea of living ‘every single day to its absolute fullest,’ Mr.D.Tunes embarked on his journey in music to bring love, joy, and excitement to people – something he has wholeheartedly achieved. He discovered his songwriting talent in his school years, where he ingeniously developed & published his own debut CD in a campaign to stop bullying, his message evidently prominent from the start of his career.

Mr.D.Tunes has been through what seems like never-ending waves of adversity and tribulations yet still strives to continue living life with fervor and determination. He fights his battle with tumors every day, and his strong-willed nature is remarkable; as is often said, ‘those who suffer the most usually give back the most.’ That is Mr.D.Tunes’ greatest hope for his music – to inspire others with his story through the power of God and music.

With plans to release even more original material in the near future, Mr.D.Tunes hopes to engage
current audiences and reach out to new ones with his exciting yet profound creations. He is certainly the future of Christian music.

You can follow him on all socials @mrdtunes