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Christian Hip-Hop recording artist Brandon “The Rep” Kagel is a Whosoever. In fact, he has been one since he became a Christian.

According to The Rep, “The Whosoevers is a brotherhood founded by Sonny Sandoval of the platinum selling band, P.O.D. It is lead by Sonny, Ryan Ries of Exit Concerts, Brian “Head” Welch, formally of the world renown heavy metal band KORN, and X Game’s medalist, Ronny Fiast of Metal Mulisha. The Whosoever movement was inspired by Jesus Christ. In John 3:16 when he said, “And WHOSOEVER believes in me shall not perish, but have everlasting life” Thus, anyone who confesses to believe in Jesus Christ and is a follower of His word, is a Whosoever! The Whosoevers have connected with Christian artists of every genre from Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, to Poetic Pop.”

Facebook is blowing up with people who have begun take ownership of this movement. Thousands are turning their Facebook names to Justin Whosoever or Lisa Whosoever (just to give an example). They are spreading the word, praying for one another, or just flat out connecting. The Whosoevers are reaching people who wouldn’t come to church but are now finding that Jesus Christ is not just for the guy in suit and tie.

The Rep, along with speaker Ryan Ries, will be hitting 30+ cities across the United States with the Murder Your Flesh tour, starting in late September.

Check out The Whosoevers Documentary to find out more about the movement…

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