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Music Video: Jacob Izrael “Kill ‘ur TV”

Peep Jacob Izrael’s new music video titled “Kill ‘ur TV.” The video was shot and directed by Tredale “Jacob Izrael” McCullough and Shea Cotes. Shea Cotes was on Camera 1 and Tredale McCullough on Camera 2. “Kill ‘ur TV” was edited by Tredale “Jacob Izrael” McCullough for 39 Lashes Films.

Actors: Young Saint aka Calvin as Agent # 1, BJ Parker as Agent # 2, Kris Ceballos as Skateboarder, Chelsi Archambeau as Teen girl # 1, Treniecia Ward as Teen girl # 2, Kelly Nelson as Teen girl # 3, and Jacob Izrael as himself. Shot in Downtown Saint Petersburg, FL.

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