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Nationally-Syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio, hosted weekly by eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican) Since 1999, Forms Strategic Alliance With Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Radio Network

May 18, 2009. Atlanta/Washington, D.C.  Holy Hip Hop Radio and Rejoice! Musical Soul Food announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance.  The terms of the alliance provide generally that Holy Hip Hop Radio will join the Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Family, as a strategic content provider and partner, serving up fresh, hot Holy Hip Hop Trax from Ministers of the Gospel to the millions of listeners blessed by the powerful Rejoice! Musical Soul Food 45-Station (Nationwide) Radio Affiliate Network.  Simultaneously, this alliance results in Holy Hip Hop Radio now playing weekly on 100 FM and AM frequencies, touching north, south, east and west, as well as greater platform synergy for all Ministers of the Gospel.

“Weekly now from Chicago to Atlanta, Miami to Los Angeles and Houston to New York, children, youth and young adults (the future) are being disillusioned, downtrodden and derided as forces of evil sow seeds of decadence, destruction and decay; which roots are spreading from city to city and state to state at an ever-increasing and alarming rate and a view of the nightly news provides no louder clarion call.

Since the beginning of time, music has been an effective tool used for good and to defeat the enemy, and the Global Holy Hip Hop and Gospel community is grateful for the visionary leadership of the Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Network family as it takes affirmatively bold steps, without hesitation, fear or trepidation, to take the gospel to the streets and positively impact and uplift the community, hearts, minds, bodies and souls for generations to come,” said eDDie Velez (a/k/a “Da Preachin Puerto Rican”).

About Rejoice! Musical Soul Food: Rejoice! Musical Soul Food is a 24-hour, 7 days a week Gospel Radio Network.  It is syndicated nationally to 45 radio stations around the country.  Rejoice programming has been entertaining listeners since June 1999 and will continue to do so for years to come.  It is owned and operated by CHS Enterprises.  For more information, please visit:

About Holy Hip Hop Radio: Based in Atlanta and hosted by eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican), Since 1999, Holy Hip Hop Radio remains today as the longest running nationally-syndicated weekly radio show of its type consistently providing FM and AM radio affiliates nationwide with powerful and uplifting holy hip hop trax and bangin beats, combined with news, interviews and uplifting fellowship and ministry with 1500 hours of programming and 500 (3 Hour Shows) produced to date. For more information, email: or go to:  For more information on the global movement to Take the Gospel to the Streets, go to:

Radio Station Program Directors: For more information on the Holy Hip Hop radio show (a 3-hour weekly radio program featuring blazin Holy Hip Hop Trax, Interviews, News and Street Gospel hosted by eDDie Velez, since 1999) or to add it to your radio station’s line-up, email: or go to:

For Emcees & Labels: Digitally-Mastered CD Submissions only, for radio airplay consideration, can be sent to: Radio; P.O. Box 1023; Pine Lake, GA 30072.  eDDie Velez also hosts, (since 2003), the Holy Hip Hop Video Show and Holy Hip Hop Music Awards (since 2000).

About eDDie Velez:  eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican) has been featured on national media such as, BET, CBS – The Early Show, FOX, PBS and C-SPAN. In January of 2002, eDDie Velez was invited by the late Coretta Scott King to be a guest speaker at the Annual Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In front of many dignitaries, including the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Laura Bush, he gave a compelling speech on how Dr. King’s vision cannot die within the Hip Hop Culture.

eDDie Velez currently hosts the nationally syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show syndicated worldwide by Superadio, as well as the Holy Hip Hop Music Awards, aired worldwide on JC-TV (TBN Affiliate) in over 10 million homes. eDDie also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, an organization that focuses on ministering the Gospel to the Hip Hop culture. Eddie Velez is bilingual, speaking both fluent English and Spanish.

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