Music Video Review: Big Fil “I Won’t Let Go”

Published on May 23, 2022

Big Fil is back with a new song titled I Won’t Let Go. The clear running theme throughout the song is gratefulness toward what the Lord does for us and clinging to Him in times of need. “When I think of his goodness and what he’s done for me…I can’t help but let him know I won’t let go.”

With the song being four minutes, it is longer than most of Fil’s previous releases, which I love. The song opens with a catchy chorus hook and moves into relatable verses about what I perceive as God’s eternal love for eternally broken people. The chorus gets your foot tapping, and you won’t be able not to sing along. Also, the bridge section is fantastically written, as it gives a break from the upbeat pace and is almost a moment of reflection for Fil: “When I look back just to see what you did, how you kept me and my queen and looked over my kids. How you wiped away my sins, Lord, again and again.” The song structure is great and keeps it from getting boring. The beat and flow are fun and instantly get your foot tapping. And the lyrics are top-notch and relatable to any Christian.

My only criticism of the song would be the music video. Although well shot and directed by Poetic Lace, I can’t help but feel a laundromat was a poor choice of location. It doesn’t connect to anything in the song and serves no purpose in reflecting lyrical messages. During the bridge of the song, it switches to Fil being in a large, empty stadium, which I think is more fitting and reflective of God’s importance compared to us. I thought to myself during the bridge: “That’s more like it.” But after that section, it goes back to the laundromat. I understand that small-budget music videos have limited filming spaces, but if they used the big stadium and lights for the bridge, they should have used it for the whole song.However, despite the music video’s shortcomings, that has nothing to do with the song. I Won’t Let Go by Big Fil is a fun and meaningful experience through great lyric writing and a bopping beat. We should all be thankful that Big Fil won’t be letting go any time soon.