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MYKiiiE – Strugglin’ Wit Me

MYKiiiE says it well,” This video is a beautiful depiction of the community I do life with that helps me in my Christian walk.”


I done had a few bad days
Had to reassess how I play
This faith walk ain’t a game
Lay it all down for the gang, yea
Grateful for community
Cause, I’ve been struggling with me
I’ve been struggling with me
I’ve been struggling with me, Aye

Verse 1
I’ve been too focused on the wrong things
Just wanna shine like a light beam
Been tryna grind cause I want cheese
It’s a trap now I can’t find my wedding ring, wait, Hol up, I just wanna do my own thang
Slow up, I just wanna fly like a plane
Go up, Ima lose my life tryna gain
It’s only God’s grace that He put these
Responsibilities all on my back
Words I say I must account for that
Said I do I cannot take that back
Gotta preach the gospel better be living that
Cause persistent pain is peeking from my past
Fake and phony feelings falling fast
Save me someone Ima a slipping saint
I’m anxious angry im so glad you asked
Cause uhm (Chorus)

Post Chorus
If it wasn’t for my sisters that I talk to every day
and they get all in my business, tell the truth and make me pray
I don’t know if I would be the woman that I am today
I don’t know if I would be the woman that I am today (2x)

Go Head Then

Verse 2
Struggle too real
Need help on the phone line
Prayers going up with my sisters in the late night
Early in the morning or the middle of the daytime
Already know Jesus on the main line
Gotta keep it real, yea
Got no time for alibis
He know the deal, yea
From him I can’t hide
Tell him how I feel, yea
I don’t really wanna fight
Tryna be strong but really I just wanna cry cause sin tryna cuff me
Lust said she love me
Pride said I can do this all on my own
Haven’t been praying, steady entertaining
Sis called me out on my sin on the phone
She been struggling too but leaning on that truth
Told me I don’t have to go through this alone
Seeking the word for my strength in the Lord is the only way I win
Gotta get up in my zone cause (Chorus)

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