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Free Mixtape: Mystery:The Adoration

mtdProduced by: Jameel Patrick
CD Name: Mystery: The Adoration
CD Release Date: 6/1/12
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Follow Me:!/JameelPatrick

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On September 9,2011, Jameel Patrick released his project “Mystery” It had a variety of topis from apologetic, to being a new creation, to the impacts of the swag movement. It had a variety of experimental sounds. Now the sequel is about to be released.
Mystery: The Adoration can be connected to Psalm 95. Praising the Lord with everything and above everything. The song “Holy” is an all put praise song to God. Beginning with a sample of the hymn “Holy Holy Holy” and the hook proclaims “scream your praises loud like the sound of a lightning bolt”, about all the noise that the world is throwing out, those who belong to Jesus while scream his praises. The project has a couple more praise type songs, including a remake of the hymn “All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name” featuring Virginia rapper, Lyricsy.
The project will have a variety of sounds. From haunting choirs, to heavy 808 bass, to calming and alluring orchestral sounds
** Includes Mystery Chopped & Screwed and You Should Know Lyric Video


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