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N.I.F.T.Y. Calls Out The True Crooked Preachers…

Published on September 20, 2011

TORONTO, CANADA – Higher Intel Music is pleased to announce the release of “Crooked Preachers”, the riveting first single off N.I.F.T.Y.’s forthcoming sophomore album entitled T.H.E. O.NE.S.

“Crooked Preachers” is produced by 17 year- old Canadian phenomenon K-Beatz, and written by N.I.F.T.Y as a response to Jay Z protegé J. Cole’s “Lil Ghetto N****”. The latter emcee’s lyrics were thought by N.I.F.TY. to be an inaccurate representation of reality, depicting mainstream rappers as more relatable role models than conventional teachers .

“Young n***** emulate what’s coming out the speakers, So everything we learn come from rappers, not teachers, Cause if we can’t relate, then how the hell you gonna reach us? Surrounded by crooked cops and preachers…” – J. Cole

With “Crooked Preachers”, N.I.F.T.Y. aims to turn such a premise on its head, believing that so-called “gangsta” rappers are the real crooked preachers of America. Set amid a rich melodic core over hard drums, the song begins the countdown to the worldwide release of T.H.E. O.N.E.S. on November 11, 2011.

The first single “Crooked Preachers” is poised to hit airwaves on Tuesday September 20, and will be available for free download at and other popular Christian hip hop websites.

N.I.F.T.Y. has acquired much experience in the Christian music industry, touring extensively across Canada and the US and garnering multiple nominations and awards from prominent organizations such as GMA Canada. He is co-host of the heavily downloaded ‘Nifty Christian Radio Show’ which received a nomination in 2010 for Best Internet Radio Show of the year.

To download N.I.F.T.Y’s new single, “Crooked Preachers”, please click the following the click:

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