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N.I.F.T.Y. Christian Show: Should You Be Best Friends with Someone of the Opposite Sex if You Are in a Serious Relationship?

On this week’s episode of The Nifty Christian Radio Show, Nifty and Kay C address an email that broaches a rather touchy subject. Is it acceptable to maintain a close friendship with someone of the opposite sex – when you’re either married or in a serious relationship? Is this a recipe for trouble? Or is it a factor to be tolerated and accepted? While the answer may be obvious for some, for others it clearly is not a black and white issue. Tune as Nif and Kay give a listener advice on how to handle this very personal situation and call in to give your two cents on the matter! Also, get ready to feed your sonic taste buds with new music from the hottest Christian artists. Get up on the download!


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Playlist/ Show Rundown

Promise – Clark Kent (ft. Regular Robb)
Discussion: the website that snitches on cheating men and women
Jahaziel – What I Do (ft. Mali Music)
Discussion: Should you remain close friends with someone of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship?
S.O. – Quest for Love
Discussion: Greg’s Thoughts
Kiki Sheard – Love Like Crazy
Reflect – Man in the Mirror

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