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Listen to the new single Noize by K.Poetic
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TORONTO, CANADA – Higher Intel’s newest addition to the fold offers a glimpse into his life and testimony. Witness the following timeline:

David Williams is molested by a family acquaintance at the age of 6; his parents split up shortly thereafter.

Years later, his mother ships an out of control thirteen year old to Florida, where his father lives. To call their relationship rocky is an understatement; David and his father do not get along, and at one point, the older man does the unthinkable – he literally spits on his son.

David’s resentment grows deep and festers until two years later, when his father is diagnosed with cancer. He is forced to swallow his hurt and bitterness and take care of his father until he passes away.

Age 17 – David hears the gospel, and his life is forever altered. As time passes, he devotes his life to Christ and his time to making music worthy of his Maker, reborn as K.Poetic in the gospel community.

“I share the message of Christ and help people to understand that you can make it through any situation and that God understands everything that you’re going through.” – K. Poetic

Higher Intel Music kicks off 2012 with the signing of K. Poetic – a Toronto based gospel emcee with a powerful testimony and a distinct gritty voice. “He has all the right elements to impact this generation and create a memorable ministry” N.I.F.T.Y. states.

The lead single “NOIZE” off Poetic’s upcoming EP Transparency, explores the attitudes of non-believers and traditional “religious” folk, who dislike progressive, contemporary methods of preaching the Gospel (ie Holy Hip Hop), and unapologetically challenges them to change their views on the subject.

NOIZE features Poetic’s uniquely raw vocals set amid a quintessential Doc Watson beat (those familiar with the RMG super producer’s style will immediately recognize his hard-hitting instrumentals.)

Transparency is set to be released on Valentine’s Day 2012.

To learn more about K. Poetic, visit

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