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Allan_Houston=Light_Media=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsOctober 5, 2009. New York/Atlanta. NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Allan Houston, has been named Chairman of Light Media’s corporate advisory board, as a part of a comprehensive strategic alliance between Light Media and H20 Global Media to advance inspirational intellectual properties (print, audio/radio, video/tv, film, internet and special events) focused on urban lifestyle media.

“Urban culture is generationally entrenched now (without any racial, ethnicity, nationality or religious barriers) and alive more than ever before and is not going away anytime soon; and urban lifestyle media’s impact on the community, children, youth and adults can be seen, felt and heard (24/7) in homes, in saturated media, in the suburbs and in the streets. A new paradigm and engine of hope fueled by inspiration is on the horizon powered by life-changing media and entertainment. There will be more news to come, as key milestones and objectives are achieved advancing the Good News, positively impacting and uplifting culture, community, children, youth and adults for generations to come,” said Allan Houston, CEO, H20 Global Media.

About H20 Global Media and Light Media: Founded by NBA All-Star, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Allan Houston, H20 Global Media is a multi-media company focused on advancing urban-centric media that advances, uplifts and positively impacts culture, the community, youth, children and adults. Light Media is a diverse and integrated multi-media conglomerate with internet, print, video, audio and special events assets, coupled with distribution, production and marketing. For more information, log on to the Internet at:;; or email:

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