Networking Secrets: Building Strong Connections in the Music Industry

On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, TV host, and pastor, Tim Bowman Jr. We delved into various topics, including the music industry, the importance of connections, and Tim’s career in gospel music.

A Blessed Morning and the Importance of Connections

The episode kicked off with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for another blessed morning. We encouraged listeners to develop a strong prayer relationship with God, setting the tone for the episode. The main topic of the episode was the importance of music industry connections and collaborations in a career. We emphasized that collaborations and networking can make or break an artist’s career.

Introducing Tim Bowman Jr.

Our special guest, Tim Bowman Jr., shared his musical background, growing up in Detroit, and being inspired by his father and aunt, Vicky Winans, who played a significant role in his early career. Tim acknowledged the impact of his family’s support and talked about his journey in the music industry. We highlighted the vibrant gospel music scene in Detroit and the influence of artists like Vanessa Bell Armstrong, The Winans, The Clark Sisters, Rance Allen, Marvin Sapp, and Fred Hammond.

The Pressure to Excel and the Changing Music Industry

Tim reflected on his upbringing in Detroit and the pressure to excel in the music industry. He explained that growing up in Detroit meant that if you wanted to be taken seriously as an artist, you had to prove yourself and be skilled in your craft. However, he also acknowledged that the music industry has changed over time. He believes that some of the old ways needed to be let go, but also feels that the current generation lacks the same level of determination and perseverance.

Authentic Relationship with Jesus

We delved into Tim’s authentic relationship with Jesus. Tim admitted that he wasn’t always faithful and asked for prayers because he used to engage in sinful behavior. He talked about the challenges of staying pure, especially as a man in a society that encourages promiscuity. Tim credits his mentors, parents, and family for instilling in him a clear understanding of his identity based on scripture. This knowledge helped him confidently navigate through life without succumbing to societal pressures.

Upcoming Projects and the Importance of Networking

Tim shared about his recent projects and upcoming music. He mentioned that he has several projects coming out, including tribute albums and a new solo record. He also mentioned that he is working on a new single, a trap song called “Nobody But God.” We then transitioned to a discussion about the importance of networking and building relationships in the music industry. We emphasized the importance of maintaining good relationships and how it can make or break a career in the industry.

Being Careful About Partnerships

We discussed the importance of being careful about the people you associate with in the entertainment industry. We mentioned how the wrong partnership or collaboration can negatively impact your career. We emphasized the need to be prayerful and seek guidance before entering into any business or creative partnerships.

Choosing the Right Collaborators

We highlighted the risks involved when gospel artists collaborate with secular artists, as it can potentially compromise their faith and reputation. We also discussed the importance of references and checking the background of potential collaborators. We expressed the need for caution and discernment when entering into partnerships, suggesting that people should check social media and observe the behavior and intentions of others before collaborating.

The Importance of Networking and Building Connections

We emphasized the importance of networking and building connections in the music industry. We highlighted how the people you associate with can either enhance or damage your brand and reputation. We urged believers in the industry to conduct fair and ethical business, avoiding shady deals that could harm their image. We concluded by encouraging listeners to be great and announcing the upcoming release of new music on our show, “The Winning Prescription.”

In conclusion, this episode was a rich exploration of the music industry, the importance of connections, and the journey of Tim Bowman Jr. It was a reminder of the power of networking, the need for authenticity, and the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with God.

Tim Bowman Jr. alt pic - Connections in the music industry
Tim Bowman Jr. and family as featured in People Magazine
Tim Bowman Jr. Connections in Music Industry


The importance of music industry connections (00:03:30) Discussion on how collaborations and networking in the music industry can make or break a career.

Introduction of Tim Bowman Jr. (00:04:49) Introducing Tim Bowman Jr. as a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, and pastor with a successful career in gospel music.

Growing up in the Detroit gospel music scene (00:08:29) Exploring the influence and inspiration of the vibrant gospel music scene in Detroit, including the presence of musical legends and the impact on Tim Bowman Jr.’s upbringing and career.

Growing up in Detroit (00:09:06) Discussion about the music culture in Detroit, the pressure to be skilled and anointed, and the importance of rehearsing and honing one’s craft.

The requirements of being in the music industry (00:10:37) Discussion about the requirements and expectations of being a musician, including the need to prove oneself and the consequences of not meeting those expectations.

The importance of trust and humility (00:16:22) Sharing personal experiences of growing up in a musical family, being aware of his family’s success, and learning the importance of humility and trust in handling wealth and blessings.

The journey of faith (00:19:31) Discussion about the authenticity of the speaker’s relationship with Jesus and the challenges faced in maintaining purity.

Identity and confidence (00:22:14) The importance of knowing one’s identity based on scripture and how it impacts self-confidence and behavior.

The mishap at the Stellar Awards (00:27:33) A recount of a mishap during a performance at the Stellar Awards and the speaker’s ability to persevere and deliver a successful performance.

The mini joint that didn’t happen (00:29:11) Discussion about a planned mini joint that couldn’t happen due to permit issues and the importance of persevering.

Releasing tributes in volumes (00:29:57) Announcement of upcoming releases of tribute projects featuring artists like Israel, Mary Mary, Fred, and Aunt Vicki.

Motivation behind gospel music tributes (00:30:42) Explanation of the motivation behind the gospel music tributes, including the appreciation for traditional gospel and honoring artists while they are still alive.

The importance of choosing the right connections (00:38:16) Discussion on how the people you associate with can impact your career positively or negatively.

The power of unity and working together (00:39:22) Exploration of the Jewish community’s understanding of the power of collaboration and unity in Hollywood.

Being spiritually minded in partnerships (00:42:16) Emphasis on the importance of discerning the spirit of the people you work with and seeking God’s guidance before entering into relationships in the entertainment industry.

The importance of choosing musical collaborations (00:46:44) Discussion about the risks and consequences of collaborating with artists from different genres, particularly in the gospel music industry.

The significance of building trustworthy relationships (00:47:38) The importance of relationships and the need to choose trustworthy individuals to work with, highlighting biblical teachings on the subject.

The value of vetting potential business partners (00:48:19) Sharing personal experiences of backing away from partnerships that didn’t align with his values and work ethic, emphasizing the need to thoroughly vet potential business partners before committing to joint ventures.

The importance of networking and building connections (00:55:29) Discussion on the significance of networking and building relationships in the music industry, emphasizing how it can either enhance or harm one’s brand and career opportunities.

Doing fair business and avoiding shady deals (00:56:33) Encouraging believers in the music industry, including executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and producers, to prioritize fair and legitimate business practices, urging them to avoid tearing down each other’s brands for the sake of fame.

The impact of networking and working together (00:57:37) Highlighting the value of unity and collaboration in the music industry, emphasizing the benefits of networking with other CEOs and growing together. They emphasize that competition is unnecessary and that there is enough room for everyone to succeed.