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Japhia Life’s third CD, now available.
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1. Close My Eyes (Prod by: Kid Classic)
2. Desperados (Prod by: Saint Man) feat. Rob Hodge, S.O.G. & Linkz Virus
3. Mama’s House (Prod by: Kid Classic) feat. Tru Knowledge, & Rita Fields
4. Crack House Blues (Prod by: Kid Classic)
5. Think What We Had (Prod by: Kid Classic)
6. Upside Down (Prod by: Kid Classic)
7. Does Anybody Know (Prod by: Chris Batson)
8. I’m Needing You (Prod by: Chris Batson)
9. Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Prod by: Saint Man & Elvin “Wit” Shahbazian)
10. Pain (Prod by: Kid Classic)
11. I Wanna Go (Prod by: J Rippa for Lambworxs)
12. One Shot (Prod by: Saint Man & Japhia Life)
13. Moment in Time (Prod by: Chris Batson)

Bonus Track:
14. Turn My Back (Prod by: Saint Man & Japhia Life)

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