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The Difficult Story

We shot this video almost a year and a half ago! It is my pleasure to present this to you now in hopes that you will be inspired. See if you can see all of the hidden images and ideas that are connected throughout this video and the ones to follow.

Edd Blott (the director) and I wanted to stay true to the pilgrim’s progress mode of telling a spiritual story with physical world symbolism, For instance climbing a mountain called “Difficult” in the spiritual world, while in the physical world you struggle and feel as if you are climbing a mountain. Pay attention to the characters, as they will be seen repeatedly and try to figure out where in the story this takes place. Is it toward the end; is it at the beginning of the journey?

More details to come but Until Then you ask yourself, “why is it so difficult?!”

(Music video written and directed by Edd Blott of Humble Beast. Let Humble Beast make your next video. Email them at

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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