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[news.] NomiS Releases Album Inspired by Les Miserables

Rapper blends Hip-Hop and musical theatre to create a unique experience

(San Diego, CA) March 18, 2013– Hip-Hop artist and producer, NomiS, has released a brand- new free project based upon the popular musical, “Les Miserables.” The project is titled, “The Wretched: A soundtrack of Justice and Redemption inspired by Les Miserables.” It is currently available at

When NomiS watched the recent movie release of “Les Miserables,” he was immediately inspired to create something that would reflect his love for the story and his love for Hip-Hop.

“I fell in love with Les Miserables from the first moment I experienced it,” said NomiS. “I knew right away that I wanted to create something that would be a marriage between Hip-Hop music and traditional musical theater.”

NomiS knew that the story and themes of “Les Miserables” were rich enough to support an entire album, but his biggest challenge was creating the right music.

NomiS was able to overcome the challenges of the two styles by borrowing from each one and allowing them to blend. “The incorporation of ‘Les Miserables’ on the album is far more than just sampling. Sampling would have been easier and safer. I wanted to push myself as a producer and MC,” said NomiS of the music.

Pushing himself is exactly what NomiS did, producing every track on the album. “I feel like I was able to achieve a blend of Hip-Hop and musical theater that is true to both art forms, but doesn’t conform to either one,” he said.

The balance between Hip-Hop and musical theater means that this album is something that will appeal to both fans of Hip-Hop and fans of Les Mis, alike. That level of appeal was something NomiS sought from the beginning, ““I wanted to create something that Les Mis fans could enjoy, even if they don’t listen to Hip-Hop; and something that Hip-Hop fans could enjoy, even if they’ve never seen Les Mis,” he said about the appeal of “The Wretched.”

Common to both groups is a desire to impact the world through music. NomiS made sure to bring that desire to the surface with lyrical content that is diverse and thoughtful. People listening to the album will be taken on a musical journey that will inspire them and cause them to think about the world around them and their role in it.

“I hope this album inspires people to strive for excellence in everything they do, inspires them to take on and conquer challenges, and ultimately to make an impact in the world,” NomiS said.

“The Wretched” takes people on a unique and diverse musical journey. If NomiS reaches his goal, it is a journey that will inspire others just as much as Les Miserables inspired him.

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