NF – Hope

Hope is the latest song to be released by NF. The video premiered on YouTube on Feb 16th. In April of this year, a new album also titled Hope is slated for release. This song is a track on that album. It’s a Christian rap song with a powerful message. The lyrics tackle many subjects pertaining to Hope. The themes of praying for someone, never giving up, as well as lifestyle changes are mentioned throughout the song.

To call this an introduction to the entire album would be ideal. This is also mentioned. NF talks about the long journey of his life, 30 years as mentioned in the lyrics. That is a long time to have people praying over you and hoping for change.

Doubt is also talked about in the song. People that don’t believe and that try to bring you down and say that growth and change aren’t possible. The song ends with NF saying the lines, “I’m in charge. I’m taking the reigns.” It’s true, we all have the power to change for the better. We need help and support from God and our families at times.