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I’m Free lyrics by NF

Verse 1
You in that tough place/ you in that life prison/ you at that rough stage but pretend ya life isn’t/
I know a savior who can save ya, take ya out the chains/ my god is major can’t contain it gotta spread the name/
your life is got you low, but that don’t mean nothin/ let um run the show, and make it mean something/
wonder why you feeling broke and feeling empty/ cause if you ain’t got the lord you’ve never been free/

I don’t feel chained no longer, use to feel so weak now I feel stronger/
What I gotta do to make you see, I been through the struggle and the pain now I’m free/
Yeah, now the weights off my shoulders feelin brand new man I thought I done told ya/
He got me out the place I was at yeahh and I promise you I ain’t going back baby

Verse 2
Use to be free now you know you trippin majorly/ your eyes gone off the ball like you playin in the major leagues/
making bad calls, strikin out liven dangerously/ tryn to steal bases, face it think its time to change ya team, basically/
He can take ya life and rearrange it/ say you want freedom but you ain’t ready for changes/
He could flip ya life around somethin like the matrix / used to feel chained up now you feel amazin amen/
ah ha, you know that feelin like ya brand new/ no longer are you liven like you can’t move/
He took you out that bondage and He freed ya, instead of yellin chained up now you yellin freedom/


Verse 3
I want you to free me Father/ I’m so sick of the pain that bothers/ me to the point I scream and holler/
Look’in for a way to get away, but a way to get aways no option/
gave me the ball I dropped it/ had ya plan in my palms I mocked it/
told you I would give It all but I’m not so/ you gave me a chance I blew it I bombed it/
see I know I don’t deserve it/ but I don’t wanna be this broken person/ livin in the dark, no open curtain/
prison in my heart hopeless, nervous, choked and burning, I hate these burdens/
they brake and torture me/ and there force’in me/ into something I know I was never born to be/ but now I’m Free!


President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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