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Well, here I am sitting on the couch… trying to come up with something enlightening to say about something. Don’t really have too much on my mind this Sunday Evening. I missed church this morning because I stayed up till 4am. Why was I up soo late you might ask. Well, mostly because of bad time management (my life story).

Braille @ the North Star Bar

Braille @ the North Star Bar

Truth is, me and a couple fellas went to go see Brian (most of you kats know him as Braille) perform @ The North Star Bar (yes… a Bar, like the kind you drink @… and no, I don’t drink, and nobody I was there with drank either) in North Philadelphia last night. He was opening for some local group called “Fat (phat?) Head”. Don’t ask me how they got that name, I don’t want to know. Wheww, anyways… I got there around 9:30 and met Rodney (R-Swift), Nelson (DJ Official), my man Nes (…lol Nes), and John Wells (Tonic). We hung out for about an hour there and watched Braille RIP it. I gotta say, that dude (Braille) is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. It don’t matter if 5 or 500 people are in the spot, he’s gonna rock it no matter how many peeps are in attendance.

After the show, Swift, Official, Nes, and I decided to go get some grub (this is standard “post show” protocol) @ Friday’s off City Line. Right when we walked up to the front door, we see cops trying to frisk a couple dudes who were thought to have pulled a gun on someone in the restaurant. Okay….? I’m like “dag, I got my piece on me (settle down, I have a license to carry in Philly), I hope they don’t just start frisking everyone who walks in”, but they didn’t. So I was straight. Anyways, we have dinner and talk about a bunch of stuff (DJ Official being the “” DJ of Reach Records, Lecrae moving to Philly to attend Westminster Theological Seminary, Epiphany Fellowship’s growth, R-Swift having “a check” LOL…and some other interesting nonsense), and then head back to the North Star Bar to go scoop up Braille and head to DJ Officials crib.

Cloud Nineteen Listeing Session

Cloud Nineteen Listening Session

Once we arrived @ Fish’s crib, we go up to the studio and listen to the ENTIRE album of Cloud Nineteen. OMG… this album is THE SHOT! The entire jawn was produced by S1 (Strange Fruit Project), and… its… its just spectacular. Braille talked about the idea behind each song, and talked to us about how the project came together. It was a dope listening session.

After the Cloud Nineteen listening session, I dropped Braille back off where his rental car was located, and headed home to go watch a movie with the wifey. Mid-way through the movie, I start dozing off and decide its time to retire by butt to bed. As soon as I hit the pillow, I look up…. and boom, its 4:45am. Mimis!

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