Nu tone – all of me

The best way to describe the overall mood of this song is mellow. Everything from the music to the vocals of Nu Tone is just very smooth and easy to listen to. That is what makes this song so interesting. You can take time to really pause and reflect on what he is preaching to you in the lyrics.

All of Me has a powerful message, which is that we must worship God with all of us. It is even stated in the Bible. But why should we worship him with everything that we are? Well, look at how much we have to owe him. We owe him our life. We owe him every single thing because he gives everything to us. The lyrics in the song preach that, but they preach so many other things as well. They delve into not getting caught up in the world and about how there are temptations and bad things in the world. Sometimes we go through these things. Sometimes we stumble and fall into these traps but we always keep our eyes on God. We can resist those temptations and we can come back from those bad habits with his help. That’s why it’s so important to give ourselves over completely to God.

Nu Tone has really set the bar with this song. Although it is another Christian rap song it is something entirely different. That is because of the Mellow and reflective beat that this song has. It is an enjoyable piece of music, yes, but it does not have the pizzazz that other songs of this genre have. This song is far more unique. This song is something that is more reflective and meditative. It is a song where you can really hear the message that is being preached. This song speaks to you on an emotional and deeper level than other songs in their genre. We should praise Nu Tone for being able to achieve that with this piece of music.