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Hourseven2 is a Rap/Rock band consisting of EKG and Reveille. With their unique style and lyrical flow, they have reached ears of believers and non-believers everywhere with their new singles “Friendship” and “The Clerk ft.Altitude”. Their new album “Through the Tunnel” is focused on life situations and stories of people from different backgrounds. Through the Tunnel is encouraging, and powerful; a perfect tool for spreading the good news. Their single “The Clerk” left a lot of listeners asking for more. K-Drama said ”

Love the rock feel!…Also I wish the song didn’t end so fast. Was wanting a lil more …” . What they did not know is that this is only the first part of the song; Hourseven2 said the song has a part two which is incorporated in the album.

Through the Tunnel is like nothing you have heard before. From the first song to the last second of the album, it is captivating, powerful, and different. EKG; also a youth pastor in Dallas, brings the Rock feel to the album and lyrical rap. Born and raised in Brazil, this young man raps in Portuguese, Spanish as well as English.

Reveille hails from Dallas and brings the R&B as well as the Rap feel to the band. They have been together for 2 years, developing their sound as well as incorporating musical styles from all kinds of genres into their own contemporary mix. With features such as Erik Guerrero, Altitude and internationally known reggaeton singer “Ariel Kelly”.

We encourage everyone to go and get the album the moment it is released! This album is definitely a cross over and fitting for every age, taste and language. We also encourage everyone to visit and support this young group or follow them on As of this moment they are preparing videos, events and etc.

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