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n21417409_36979964_1053381Howdy everyone!  I’m feeling real good right about now.  Today was a refreshing day for many reasons.  

I woke up and prayed.  I pray a little different from most because I don’t get on my knees and pray or sit in a quiet place most times.  I honestly fall asleep when I pray like that.  I dealt with this for such a long time.  God led me to do things like clean up while I pray.  I’ll wash dishes and pray or straighten up the living room and pray.  I use to feel convicted about it because I thought that I wasn’t giving God my all, but God encouraged me to continue praying the way I pray.  Please believe, I have seen God answer more prayers and have noticed my spiritual life get so much stronger as a result of this strategy.  So praise God!  Find what works and exercise that thing.

After I prayed, I went upstairs to have quiet space and read Exodus 2-11 I believe.  This basically is the story of Moses dealing with Pharaoh and his refusal to allow the Israelites to leave on a 3 day journey to worship God out in the country.  It was an encouraging story b/c Moses dealt with MASSSSSSS OPPOSITION, yet overcame it by the power of God.  God used the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart to reveal his undisputed glory!

I mixed 3 beats and then I was suppose to check on CD sales, but my family was hungry (and so was I) so I got them some lunch and kicked it with them before the studio session I had in the evening.  I took my 2 year old daughter Naima to pick up some Arby’s and to run a few minor errands.  

Yesterday, I took 2 super old cameras to Walgreens to get developed.  1 of the pics from the 2 cameras I got developed is on the left of your screen.  That’s me as a senior in High School during Nerd Day (1 of 5 days that was apart of Senior Week).  I know you loving the plastic fork on my glasses 🙂  If you want to see more throwback pics of me, check out my photo albums on  

After awhile, a female named Tonia Gray came over to record a song.  I must say, this is the 1st song I’ve produced all the way!  We have been working on the beat alone for 3 months every Tuesday.  Today was time to lay down the vocals and I must say, I love this song.  It has like a Prodigal Son theme, but it sounds so different then the other stories I’ve heard (and they’re good stories such as Phanatik’s “Come Home” joint.).  After she left, I played this joint back about 8 times!  I’m so pleased with it.  It sounds dumb crispy and I haven’t even mixed it yet!  She brought her son over to play with my daughter.  He doesn’t get along with most strangers (as most babies in general don’t), but we prayed for him and he kept his cool the entire time.  Prayer works!  You should try it sometime!

Afterwards, I went downstairs to kick it with the fam a little.  Naima fell asleep on my lap.  That’s one of the greatest feelings of all time.  I then put her to bed and went to Ol Charley’s to picked up dinner b/c we don’t have much food to cook at the house.  I need to go grocery shopping.  I came home, we ate and watched “From G’s to Gents.”  It was a pretty good episode.  Speaking of good episodes, I checked out “Taking the Stage” b/c that show is based out of Cincinnati.  Though it was good, why we gotta have the guy with a boyfriend on our show?  Dag, that’s kinda whack if you ask me.

My wife fell asleep at the end of G’s to Gents.  So now I’m upstairs trying to figure out what to do with all this free time.  I usually go to bed around 1am and wake up  at 6am.  I’m prolly gon take a shower, reply to some myspace/facebook/e-mails and make a beat or 2.  I’m so behind.  

I was happy to see that Cheno and Dre got D Wade On Em to Miami Heat’s corporate level.  Hopefully this will open up a door to get “Air Jordan” in the proper people’s hands 🙂  

So I’m optimistic.  Not much has changed, but I have hope for the future.  Tomorrow I gotta babysit Naima while Charde gets her hair done.  Thank God I have a midi controller and I can make beats anywhere I want to now.  I’ll prolly take Naima to the park.  I then have a 3 hour studio session with my dude Joe Dalton.  No basketball ministry tomorrow, so I’ll use that time to play catchup.

Holla at ya’ll later.  Peace.


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