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Stank=200Stank Records has released P-Duble’s new single on their website, ReverbNation and Myspace – titled, “Stronger” (off ‘P-Duble’s’ upcoming release “Stank: Block Boi”)

“P-Duble’s” new album “Stank: Block Boi,” hits streets on December 1st, 2009.

The first single off the album, “Stronger,” is now circulating and the track can be heard on P-Duble’s MySpace ( and on the Stank Records website. A free download is only available at: This single features Columbus, Ohio native, daYungSnapper, as well as Cleveland, Ohio’s own, Layzie Bone.

So many artists have spent so much time in the past few months working like madmen and touring for their own albums that before they knew it, the new P-Duble album was on the horizon!

Ohio certainly has its share of hip-hop history; from “The Dayton Boys” to the “Bone Thugs Family” to “Bow-Wow,” etc…. It’s really exciting to see what direction P-Duble has gone in. Based on what many heard so far (leaks and samplers), there is a good-buzz that this album is going to be a natural progression forward. He has brought back that grimier sound, much like the natural and pure Midwest hip-hop flavor, and has moved away from the over-produced perfect rap formula that he doesn’t relate to. Paul Mohr, of Midwest Music Zine, describes the new single as “something that hasn’t been heard since Bone Thugs were in charge of the game,” and that is coming from a secular and non-urban specific music zine, “very unexpected from a christian artist, in a good way.” – Paul Mohr; MMZ

The new single maintains with the grimy street theme “The basic concept of the single is about the punches life throws at you and how you can pick-up your cross daily and keep moving forward through the power of Jesus Christ. But, done so without compromising the gritty, street-oriented edge we feel called to reach out to with Christ’s message. It’s real and that’s what was one of the most important elements when we were recording it!” says P-Duble.

Sounds like it’s not a far departure from the title of the album, “Stank: Block Boi.”

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