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I found this on Cruz Cordero’s page (go check it out!), and I thought it was VERY interesting…BECAUSE I have personally found that many Calvinist’s I’ve talked to had this type of attitude towards those who weren’t Calvinist (default Arminians…lol). Now, I’ve also met a lot of negative charismatic’s too… but I was just having this conversation with a dude a couple days ago… Not ALL Calvinists are this way… but hey… I definitely am not the only one who has noticed this. It’s whatever… saw it on Cruz’s page… agreed with his perspective…and thought I’d share it with you. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Check out below Pastor Piper doing a good job at trying to make sense of Christians who pride themselves of teaching the doctrines of grace but often times are ungracious to those they preach to. I respect Piper for his humble spirit at the end ( seemed like the Holy Spirit convicted him as he was talking) but I think he demonstrated exactly why some come off so negative.

Calvinists think that Calvinism and Reform Theology is intellectually superior to other theologies
Calvinists think their system is perfect and cogent
Calvinists love, and I mean love their system of thought
Calvinists wants everyone to be Calvinists
I think as long as my Calvinist brothers believe the above points made by Piper, Calvinists will always have a basis for being prideful, arrogant, and negative towards others who they think falls short of their system.

Now I ask you, do YOU think that this reputation of Calvinists has also crept into Christian Hip Hop and Christian Rap? I don’t remember hearing any reformed Christian Hip Hop MCs early on (prior to um… 1993?). Its interesting… has there always been a rift in Christian Hip Hop? Does Calvinism have anything to do with this rift? If so, when did it start… just share your thoughts. I have my own, but I really haven’t sorted them out fully, so I’d rather keep them to myself. Lets discuss.

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