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Nifty & Kay C examine the arguments presented by songwriter PJ Morton & Gospel singer, Tye Tribbett:



* Tye says all lyrics must Glorify God

* PJ says his love songs are God inspired

* Why it’s so heavily debated in the church

* Nifty & Kay C attempt to break it down

The More-Talk Hour

Canton Jones – My Day
Nifty & Kay C Welcome/topic introduction
Andale – White Flag
Nifty & Kay C discuss and compare PJ’s and Tye’s arguments
Die-Rek – Purpose
Nifty & Kay C discuss the public’s comments on the issue
NevaHurd – Let Me Tell You Somethin’
Nifty & Kay C provide a solution
Tyshan Knight – Changed
Liya – Come Home

The More-Music Hour

Eric Cross – Change to Come
Gibbzy ft. Dood Staxx- Bring ‘em Home
Shad K – Get Up
Da Verse – To You
Nifty & Kay C discuss Chris Brown
Big Ran – I Can’t Lose
Relic – Out There
Mark J – Tumblin’ Down
Yomi – Imagine
Nigel Woodz – Answer the Door
Choz’n & Spoken – She’s So Fine
Nifty & Kay C say goodnight
Da T.R.U.T.H. – Great Wall

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