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Interview Preparation

Thank you for being a guest on The Corelink Solution Podcast.  This document will assist you with preparation for the interview.

Here is a link to the inventory of episodes should you wish to watch and/or listen to prior episodes.

Show Objective: Empower others through awareness and actionable insights. 

\"Whether it's figuring out your passion or purpose, navigating the corporate maze, growing as a leader, or cutting through the fog of entrepreneurship, this platform provides you with insights, strategies, and techniques that help you succeed in your career.\"

  • Our audience: Career Entrants, Advancement Seekers, Entrepreneurs.
  • Content: Career and Leadership Development.
  • Frequency / Duration: Bi-weekly program, 30-45 minutes in length.

  • Format:  Interview format with three main sections:

    • Section 1: Guest introduction (background, fun facts, journey, etc.)
    • Section 2: Dive into the content area
    • Section 3: Wrap up summarizing key points and the actionable takeaways

A Few Things We Need From You

  1. Please be sure to sign the agreement you should have received (email from Adobe)
  2. Your background information and photo.  Please click on this link to insert these items into the google form when you are ready

    • Your full name as it should appear in anything we produce
    • High-Resolution Photo
    • Website and Social Links
    • Biography

The Interview Flow

Section 1: Guest Introduction

  • James introduces the guest and welcomes the audience.
  • Getting Linked Up! (may ask one or two of these questions)

    • Tell us one thing about you that most people probably do not know about you.
    • What have been some of the defining moments of your career and why?
    • What hurdles have you personally faced and how did you overcome them?

Section 2: Diving into the Topic

  • What brought you to this moment?
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4
  • What you are most excited about in terms of what you are doing today?

Section 3: Wrapping Up

  • Let\'s recap some of the key take-away points for people to remember? (3-5 points)
  • Personal Development Tip (may ask one or two of these questions)

    • How do you sharpen your saw?
    • What are the three all-time books that you would recommend folks read?
    • Having taken the journey you have, what advice would you give to your younger self?
    • Tell me about a mentor who has made a particular difference in your career and how.

Day of the Interview

You will receive a link to the interview as soon as it is officially scheduled.

A few tips to ensure we have the best interview possible.

In Livestream scenarios:

  • Please join 15-minutes before the LiveStream Starts.
  • We will have ten minutes to talk before the five-minute count-down timer begins.  After that, we can use the private chat functionality.

We are striving to have as close to an in-studio-quality production as possible.  Below are a few tips for you in terms of assisting us with that.  Please note, use what you have, we do not want you to incur any expenses.

Video Quality

Video can be significantly improved based on the device you use.

  • Good: Mobile phones will work but typically limits your visual image on the screen.
  • Better: Wi-fi through a laptop or PC is a better choice.
  • Best: Further, while high-speed internet connections are available to many, there is a big difference between using a Wi-Fi connection to laptop/PC versus plugging it on.  The former lends itself to period data transfer drops which can cause moments of latency or outage during video calls.  If possible, please plug your laptop/PC into your high-speed internet router.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is particularly important.

  • Good: Open-air works fine depending on your device.
  • Better: A headset with a microphone works better as it tends to reduce unintended background noise and is more focused on your immediate voice.
  • Best: A microphone and headset combination is best as they are typically designed for applications such as this.

Have Fun

It goes without saying, but we\'ll say it.  This is about sharing your talents, gifts, and story with your audience, our audience, and the world.  Be you and let\'s have fun!

Let us know if you need anything else before the interview.

Author: Trig

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