The power of effective communication & embracing our calling with singer-songwriter SSTEDI

Written by Riffin Kajanju

Soulful Christian singer SSTEDI, talks about not being able to run away from her calling. And DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have a real talk discussion about communication.  What is effective communication?  How does listening play a role in it?


The singer describes herself as a gospel R&B, singer-songwriter, producer, and a constant reminder of God’s steadfast love, hence the name SSTEDI. The introverted artist also admits she can be extroverted when called upon but prefers one on one conversations. “I’m not weird, social media likes to make it seem like we’re socially awkward.”

In reality, introverts aren’t “weird.”  They just prefer meaningful, deep, and authentic interactions.

Communication with God

How often do we make plans and fixate our focus on that which is outside of God’s will? The singer also admits that it’s good to be hopeful. But sometimes hope can be disguised as idolatry. “It’s really just you wanting something too badly, you’re praying like Lord, your will be done, but ultimately you just want your own will to be done.” 

Take it day by day, SSTEDI says “Try not to plan too far in the future and then start expecting a certain result that you haven’t gotten confirmation from God yet.”  Making time and creating space to hear God may be inconvenient, but is vital to the believer’s life. 

Incorporating one on one time with God daily helps keep us in tune with our faith.  “Journaling and writing about what God has done, has centered me and helped me stay grateful and humbled,” the Maryland singer expressed.

The blessing in journaling is emptying our minds of noise and allowing God to fill us back up.  “I can get all the chatter out of my head.  And remember God’s faithfulness.”  “I may start to type and I’m feeling anxious or frustrated, but when I’m done, I’m renewed.”

SSTEDI’s “AHA!” moment

“There have been seasons where I needed to put music down, I was upset that I couldn’t give it as much time as I could. I felt terrible.” This is very relatable especially when we feel as if we cannot give our all and begin to question if God wants us on that path. There are countless stories of people giving up a passion only to return to it later in life.

And when SSTEDI heard someone say, “You can’t run away from your calling because your calling will haunt you.”  It was like a light bulb went off.  This is what she was experiencing.  “That’s what I felt whenever I was away from something I was called to do.”


Who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Disney movie? “It was Disney at first, Disney was like everything for me, I was getting up and rewinding before I knew I could sing.” Confesses, SSTEDI.

Listing Brandy as one of her major inspirations, the songwriter says she’s a “vocal beast”.  “Growing up, SSTEDI listened to Anita Baker, Whitney, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond…” whatever was soulful and gospel.” I’m just a music lover, she concluded. It’s no surprise the Maryland-born artist has a soulful vibe given her musical influences.

Music Business

“I didn’t really know how to go about the business of singing.” Recognizing your talent is a first step and acting on it takes courage. SSTEDI only had one song on the popular up-and-coming platform Soundcloud before she made her most recognized song All the Waves.

Finding the producer for All the Waves shows how SSTEDI benefited from today’s technology. “I found him (Isaac Hopes) on a Christian playlist, I liked some of his stuff, I was so shocked when he reached out to me.”

Music is expensive and having an LLC is critical, the singer exclaimed. “If you’re gonna use a stage name, it’s important to get that trademarked, I have heard some horror stories from other artists who came out and got big with a name but never got that name trademarked” The moral of the story is not to lose the bag. 

Male-dominated industry

We all recognize that CHH is a male-dominated industry that poses some challenges for female artists. “You have to be very mindful of how you come off when dealing with different people in the industry, if you wanna be treated with respect, you probably should take yourself more seriously.” SSTEDI even mentions dressing for success in the studio and networking as other tips in this male-dominated industry.

Creative Process & Style

A lot of artists like to hear the instrumental when writing over something but SSTEDI does it a little differently. “If I’m gonna be creating a song, I usually wanna have a hook already put together and then just create the beat around the song, I’m a songwriter first.” The singer also mentions how she pulls from a vast variety of genres in regards to her style. “It’s really just from listening to different genres like the electronic genre and the alternative genre.”

Crown of Glory

So, what can we expect from the latest project Crown of Glory? Expect the vibe because I always come with it, the singer added that you can also expect live scriptures woven into the lyrics. “I produced this entire EP”

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The power of effective communication and embracing your purpose with singer-songwriter SSTEDI.
The power of effective communication and embracing your calling with SSTEDI.