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NEW-THEO-CVR-VHRWith the anticipation of the forthcoming Apollos album “Frontlines”, Colosal Productions would like to take a quick minute to cast some light on Apollos’ debut Project: “Theological Implications 101” (2011). With theologically sound lyricism, grimy east coast style beats, & a very distinctive “old school vibe”; this project coupled with the “Apollos Presents: Colosus” (2009) project (a hip hop fusion instrumental guitar album) lays the foundation that would ultimately give birth to the highly anticipated “Frontlines” album. Track highlights include underground favorites such as “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism”, “Rebel Inside”, “Contend 4 The Faith”, “U Need 2 Slow Down”, “Faithless” & many more… Check for it! Then prepair to be blown away by “Frontlines” in-stores & online: “JANUARY 25TH, 2012.”

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