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B-U Tour resizedB-U’s “Tell Me the Truth Tour” Goes International

RALEIGH, NC — May 12, 2011 / — B-U Entertainment, LLC executives just finalized negotiations to take its first signed recording artists, B-U, international. The tour “Tell Me the Truth Tour” is promoting the debut album of multi-award winning national recording artists, B-U.

“We are excited about this move to expand not only markets but to allow establish international business relations. We are looking to have B-U be the trailblazer for other music ministers/recording artist who will be signed to our label in the future. So they (B-U) have the honor of ‘paving the way’ for others. This leg of the tour will be from October 1 – November 30, 2011 (possibly end of February) in cities in Germany, Luxembourg & Belgium. This is a major milestone for both the artists and our company and we are grateful to be at this point this early in the companies existence. We are not taking the typical or traditional approach in the industry, we are taking the God lead path in which He is opening doors where man gets no credit. In a day in which the industry suffers the righteous get a path only God will provide. Just ask the children of Israel. Well, not only will business will be established, we (artists & company) will also be able to understand other cultures and ways to minister to them without violating foreign country laws and customs. Here in the US we have freedom of speech which allows us to say things at liberty but when you cross into foreign territories you must obey the laws of the land while being sensitive to Spirit. What we teach artists we work with (signed & unsigned) are to ask God, “what is my kingdom assignment while on business and please give me the wisdom to know when the window of opportunity presents itself tofulfill the assignment.” That way we are doing business with integrity and keep the integrity of the Holy Spirit as well. We do want to make sure God is please in all that we do and we do all for His glory.”
-S. Bernard Mitchell, CEO B-U Entertainment, LLC

The “TELL ME THE TRUTH TOUR” will also have a leg extended in the Bahamas for a 3 show mini tour from July 17- July 19, 2011. This tour is coming to a city near you.

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