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DSC_3266 Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Launches New Radio Show

UK-based artist – Baliva – has launched a new radio show to proclaim the Gospel through Hip-hop music and culture.

‘The Baliva Music Show’ (Baliva pronounced believer), showcases a range of Christian Hip-hop from the UK, US and beyond along with the soulful sounds of Gospel RnB.

Listeners will also get the inside scoop about what’s happening behind the Christian music scene with exclusive artist interviews and key people involved in the industry.

Gospel Hip-hop’s Tedashi, Dwayne Tryumf, Triple O and GEMS are just a few artists to be featured in future broadcasts.Show presenter and producer Baliva (real name Mark Johnes) says: “Originally before the term Christian was used, we were called believers, which is why it made sense to call it ‘The Baliva Music Show’.

“The show is for everyone, particularly new Christians and non-believers because I would like the listener to have a deeper understanding of who God is and get the courage to make radical positive changes in their lives.”He adds: “The show is also a platform to serve Christian artists wanting showcase their work. So if you’re an artist contact us.”

The Baliva Music Show started on 1 February and is available as a podcast on the first day of every month.You can listen or download the show for free by logging on to or searching for ‘Baliva Music’ on iTunes. The show is also broadcast on the US-based Christian Hip-hop website

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