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The cover for Gametime Recordings artist Believin Stephen new project The Preseason Mixtape available as a free download August 23, 2012. The Preseason Mixtape includes scratches by DJ Average Joe and DJ Ant G and features Timothy Brindle, Bumps INF, Young Joshua, Datin, Zae Da Blacksmith, Erick Lloyd, Righteouz Knight and more!

The Preseason Mixtape will be dropping at the beginning of Week 3 of the NFL preseason on Thursday August 23. Some of the topics covered include playing sports to the glory of God; dealing with break ups and broken friendships; the state of hip-hop (secular and Christian); struggles with unbelief; and explanations of Brindle’s catchphrases such as “rowdy” and “cannon”. The Preseason Mixtape is specifically geared towards reaching out to athletes and sports fans and includes many sports references and analogies.

The title “Preseason” holds significance in many ways:
– This earth is not our home. Through faith in Christ we will be restored to our original state of perfection that we had in the garden prior to the fall. This walk may get tough but we await future glory in heaven- our true home. Hence this life on earth is just the preseason preparing us for our real season in heaven.

– Stephen is in the early stages of his career as strength and conditioning coach working with collegiate athletes. Although he’s been in the field for a number of years now he still has many more seasons to come helping athletes improve their performance and building relationships with them. This mixtape marks the beginning of him strategically targeting athletes in his songs.

– Believin has been rhyming for the Lord for a few years now but by God’s grace there will much more new material to come from him in the future after dropping his debut album The Suffering Servant which came out in December 2010. Hence this project marks the beginning or preseason for Stephen when it comes to rap.

-The Preseason Mixtape will be a prelude to Stephen’s next full length album, which he hopes to drop in 2013.

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