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Life Introspection Album CoverArtist Name: DJ Triple Threat
CD Name: Life Introspection
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Life Introspection is the fourth release from DJ Triple Threat and his first double disc release. Below is the full track listing for the album along with featured producers. Life Introspection officially releases June 21st, 2011 on digital retailers everywhere!!!!

Disc 1 – My Thoughts

1.)Still Chillin’
2.)Let’s Go ft. Mingo
3.)Life Introspection (Interlude)
4.)God Chaser ft. Keisha Dream
5.)Christians Can Have Fun Too? (Skit)
6.)Have Fun ft. Martay
7.)Looking For Love
8.)Code Name: Desire (Spoken Word)
9.)Stay Pure ft. Octavia Harris
10.)Social Networking
11.)The Minstrel Show Introlude ft. LeNZ 1
12.)The Minstrel Show
13.)The Minstrel Show Outrolude ft. LeNZ 1
14.)Just Because Cypha ft. Daz-One & Servant
15.)Don’t Despise My Youth ft. Chickyman
18.)Don’t Cry

Disc 2 –My Theology

1.)And The Song Plays On
2.)Main Stage
3.)Loser featuring Disciple (D.I.)
4.)Who’s Bigger?, Who’s Better?
5.)My Rhyme & Reason (Spoken Word)
6.)Obedience Over Tradition
7.)Countdown ft. Fonz
8.)Compassion & Grace
9.)What Is The Church (Interlude)
10.)Theo Logic
11.)Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop
12.)Justice Heart ft. Marjory Neret
13.)Missionary Dating
15.)Bye Bye Bad Man ft. Chickyman
16.)He’s Coming Back
17.)Reppin’ Kingdom City
18.)Atmosphere of Worship ft. Femi

Producer Credits-

All tracks produced by DJ Triple Threat with the exception of:

“Let’s Go” produced by Sounds Good Productions
“God Chaser” produced by D-Free for Freelight Productions
“Legacy” Produced by John The Baptist
“Social Networking”, “He’s Coming Back”, and “Who’s Bigger? Who’s Better” produced by 737 for Kingdom Come Sounds
“Main Stage” produced by Octavia Harris for BBO Beats
“Compassion & Grace” produced by K-Drama for T.H.I.S. Click Records
“Countdown” produced by Fonz for 343 Music Productions
“Theo Logic” produced by Disciple (D.I.) for 343 Music Productions
“Reppin’ Kingdom City” produced by Doc Watson
“Atmosphere of Worship” produced BMI Beats
“Justice Heart” produced by C-Kret

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