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7thbrigade promo coverWith a new distribution deal, 7vnseal is preparing to launch not only his new website, ‘’’’ also along side with his anticipated E.P. The E.P. ‘’7TH-Brigade’’, will be due to release in Nov. of 2011. This is a prequel to his long awaited album ‘’Drama on the horizon’’.

Here is a just a insight of what to expect from each song on the 3track E.P.

Recon my land-

  1. Speaking on the fact of knowing this is not just war but spiritual war, and we have to know we are in the trenches against Satan and all his demons.
  2. About knowing who you are and whom’s you are in the Kingdom of God. Knowing that, you must fight this fight with no exceptions.

War for God-

  1. Taking what you know between you and the father as a believer in Christ and rising to the cause of war for him. To know that you are now on the battlefield and against your enemy. This song brings a new revival in your spirit through Scriptures in the word of God.
  2. Song lets you know you must read your word to battle against Satan. Only way to war is to use the word of God against Satan hence ”war for God”.


  1. This is me, as a believer and servant to Christ making a bold statement that I make war with satan this day. To not only be walk the word but be a doer of his word in Christ.
  2. Also this song goes with Recon my land after we are in battle we must go further till we get half way in battle to the frontline were most of the death happens and many die off and few stay.
  3. This is a song of encouragement in the word of God to continue forth in the mission to press forward in the high calling in Christ.

Don’t forget 7vnseal Official website goes live the first week of Oct. Stay tuned and always know this is for the Glory of God and music is just a tool to spread the Gospel.

As 7vnseal says, ‘’This is ministerial music, 7vnseal what I do but not who I am, for I am a servant to the King Christ Jesus, a minister of the Gospel to our daddy God’’.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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