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Over the last past 5 years independent Christian Hip Hop record label Holy Soldier Records has been offering it’s contribution to the CHH movement and the world what it calls “Fight Music”! The vision has always been to help bring glory to God by releasing Christ-centered music that is saturated with the Gospel. But over the years Holy Soldier Records has noticed a movement spark up from the music it releases, and now it’s time to put a face with that movement and the entire world join in!

Holy Soldier Records is proud to introduce a brand new movement to the world entitled “FIGHT SQUAD”! Fight Squad is simply a movement of believers of Christ worldwide who fight daily in every area and aspect of their life for the glory of God. If that is you then your are Fight Squad! On the Fight Squad website ( viewers will be able to not only sign up for the movement and join a community of believers, but also find helpful resources that will help encourage and challenge you in your daily fight! As the movement grows in age and numbers, we will advance even more! Viewers will be able to find podcast, music, blogs, video blogs, and bible studies to come out of the Fight Sqaud resources. Are you fighting daily? If so, YOU ARE FIGHT SQUAD!

For more information on the Fight Squad movement please visit:

For more information on Holy Soldier Records please visit:

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