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DA-MESSENGER-LIFELINE-COVERIndependent Christian record label Holy Soldier Records will be teaming up with non-profit faith based organization Destiny Rescue to release a benefit album from Da Messenger entitled “LIFELINE” in April 2012!

Lifeline: One that is or is regarded as a source of salvation in a crisis. In a world full of people who hate GOD, who reject the gospel, who try to find satisfaction any anything but the GOD who made them, the only thing we deserve is death! Mankind deserves to burn in hell forever & be eternally separated from GOD due to our rebellion against him! Is there any hope in this situation? Is there any way out? Jesus Christ is our hope. He is our “LIFELINE”!

All Proceeds from the “LIFELINE” benefit album will go towards helping to end the fight of Child Sex Slavery worldwide!

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