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Han Soul presents “Jesus Therapy”

Published on November 21, 2014


In 2012, I, Hans Nelson f/k/a HanSoul began working on a feature length film entitled (Jesus Saves!) inspired by a true story, which is a biopic Christian movie about my life as a former top ten billboard secular rap artist (signed with Epic Records/Sony & Loud Records perspectively) and shares the supernatural encounter I had with Jesus Christ that changed my life and music forever. The film which also is a biographical analysis of my brother in Christ Emanuel Parks life (formerly known as Mentally Gifted a DJ, MC, and Producer of the Philadelphia Notorious Rap Outfit the “Hill Top Hustler’s”, Steady B & Cool C & Da Youngsta’s) & it touches on the tragic shooting death of the first Philadelphia female Police officer shot on duty. Former Jive & Atlantic RIAA Gold Certified recording artists Steady B & Cool C where convicted for the crime and are now serving life in prison. The movie shows how Emanuel Parks who was “this close” to being involved in the bank heists with his then partners Cool C & Steady B, escaped this fate having giving his life to Christ not long before the bank heist occurred and therefore declined to participate with his partners in the crime. Also, the film touches on the life of a third person who was the “old me’s” business partner in which I regret to say gave the “old me” drug money to fund my last album. My former partner although then a drug dealer was a bright and giving young brother whose character is played by Christopher “Play’ Martin; known for his roles as Play in The House Party 1,2, & 3 movie. My former business partner, who I will just refer to as Dante, was shot 10 times in 2011 not long before we began production on the film. He called me and asked me could I come to the hospital and visit him, I did visit him shared Christ and by God’s Grace he made a confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Production on the film began in 2012. The Lord moved in signs and wonders and brought a great move of God and great unity was evident among cast and crew. Proverbs 13 v. 12 says “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Seeing the vision manifesting before our eyes truly was a “tree of life”. However, after our initial shoot dates, I began fighting depression, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts in a manner I cannot put into words, but God’s grace has covered and sustained me and brought me out on the other side stronger, more compassionate and more in love with Jesus. The film addresses the how premarital sex; secret society’s, the illuminati, drugs, Greek Fraternal Organizations, depression, and suicide affect the young urban context. More importantly the film magnifies The Name, Person, Gospel, Grace, Kingdom, and Cross of Jesus Christ and points to Him as the solution to these and other issues affecting today’s urban and suburban youth culture and the world’s population in general.

I really have felt led to shy away from the name HanSoul but rather will be primarily be going by the name Hans Nelson which is the birth name given to me by my Swedish Mother Gunilla Soderlind & my African American Dad Dr. James D. Nelson. Also, I just got the feeling of no longer functioning as a solo artist but rather I felt led to form a Christian Rap, Worship, Reggae, World Music, Poetry, Pop, Rock, House Collective known as Jesus Therapy. The group comprised of myself Hans Nelson fka HanSoul (formerly a top ten secular mainstream rap), Noisette “Saint Man” St. Jean (a Haitian American Grammy Nominated Producer & Recording Artist, produced for Ambassador, Da T.r.u.t.h. etc.), Emanual Parks a long with a host of singers, band members and a DJ. Jesus Therapy exists to magnify Jesus & worship the Triune God (God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) while specifically ministering to the spiritual, mental and emotional and physical needs of people, using the arts, mentorship/discipleship, speaking, and the ministry of encouragement to edify the lost & found. My wife Melanie “Amana” Nelson also is featured on two songs on the album.

Our first album is entitled Jesus Therapy and we are pleased with final product. We hope you can add our music, share our videos, and support us as we endeavor to reach the world for Jesus Christ. A portion of every full album sold goes to support missions work in the rebuilding of Haiti, and all the net profit of the single of “Jesus Wept/Two-Third’s World” will go directly to missions work in Haiti as well.


Reverend Hans Nelson M-Div.

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