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Front and Back Fold - CopyArtist Name: Gifted Da Flamethrowa
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As the saying goes “Hard work pays off” Gifted Da Flamethrowa has proved the statement true.  Gifted has decided to play for the majors by inking a Distribution & Promotion deal with iMG Recordings/Universal Distributions.

Houston, Texas, April 4, 2011 – National Recording Artist Gifted Da Flamethrowa has made a new move on the chess board of the music industry by signing a Major Promotion & Distribution deal with iMG/Universal. The first record to be released will be “BullDoze City” Releasing Summer of 2011.

Gifted has been on a musical tirade since his Much Luvv Records/ Infinity release “Street Symphony” in the 4th quarter of 09’. Directly on the heels of Street Symphony, Gifted started a Mix Tape series titled “Monsters Do Exist”. From March of 2010 Gifted released a record setting NINE FREE Tapes, garnering over 11,000 downloads to date, all featuring different DJ’s. Gifted also traveled to Sao Paula, Brazil, on a mission trip with label mates Tre9 and VonWon on the Hip Hop Hope Missions tour.

“I am a servant not a celebrity” My grind has always been about using my God given gifts to uplift people & ultimately bring them to the cross. My sound, what I bring to the table is the result of my passion for people. We are not called to be “lights amongst lights” we are called to be “lights amongst the darkness”. This partnership will open new doors and a new level of war fare. I am a new breed, cut from a different cloth. This is chess not checkers, I am leading with calculated and ordered steps. The album is titled “BullDoze City” because anything that is in your way; fear, depression, procrastination, enemies etc, in this season, will get Bulldozed if you walk in faith & obedience. “Gifted is an Artist that’s has what it takes to change the atmosphere of this industry”- Rick Robinson (CEO iMG Recordings)

Gifted was a featured Artist at the 2008 NBA All Star festivities sponsored by Nike and Foot Locker. Gifted has traveled the U.S. and also abroad to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rotherham and London, England on mission trips, and has been a featured Artist on over 60 albums, most notably “Testimony of Redemption” the album from Bushwick Bill of the platinum selling super group, “The Geto Boys.” Gifted was also a featured Artist at the 2009, 2010 & 2011 SXSW Music Conference, Houston’s 2009 Los Magnificos Car Show and Houston’s annual “Thanksgiving Feast”. As time passed Gifted began to realize the power and the affect Hip Hop music has over the world. From that realization, Gifted is now on a mission to breathe life into the industry. With truth in his heart and Gifted’s way with words something special is getting ready to take place. And So It Begins.

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