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Life Introspection Album CoverBoston, MA — We all have moments in our lives when we take a second to look retrospectively at life. Then there are other moments where we take more than just a second to look introspectively at our life. To look introspectively at one’s life is to contemplate on one’s own thoughts, desires, and conduct in life. Some do this through “searching there heart” and others by clearing their mind. The greatest introspection we can ever do is through the lens of the Holy Spirit.

That is what DJ Triple Threat has done on his new project titled “Life Introspection”. On this album, Threat takes a look introspectively at his own life, thoughts, desires, and theology that make him who he is. This album is best described as an “audio journal” from DJ Triple Threat as he expresses his heart and mind on a myriad of subjects.

Life Introspection is a double disc album that appeals to people of every demographic and walk. The album unapologetically shines the light of Christ through Threat’s personal insight and view on a myriad of subjects. From love, to having fun, to unity amongst Christians, and even matters of justice, “Life Introspection” is an album that challenges as well encourages all who will listen.

With singles such as “Loser” featuring punchline king Disciple (D.I.) declaring that we are losers to the world but if you lose your life for Christ you will surely gain it. To “Stay Pure” featuring multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Octavia Harris, is a call for all Christians to live holy lives with no excuses before the Lord who gives us the grace to do so. To the anthem “Who’s Bigger? Who’s Better?” and the party joint “God Chaser” featuring the talented Keisha Dream on the Chorus.

“Life Introspection” also features production by John The Baptist, K-Drama, Disciple (D.I.), 737, DJ Triple Threat, and many more. Special guests include Keisha Dream, Octavia Harris, Disciple, Martay, and many others. The official release date is June 21st, 2011 and will be available via iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets.

About DJ Triple Threat:

There are many things one can add to a man’s character but there are not too many things that one can subtract from a man. DJ Triple Threat is one of those men. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, being a part of Hip Hop culture from a young age, DJ Triple Threat started rapping at the age of seven and gave his life to Christ at the young age of eight. Like many he strayed but answered the call of Christ in his life at 17 when he was faced with a personal health crisis. During this time, God healed him miraculously and since then he had changed the message of his music from simply positive to using it as a tool to reach the lost for Christ.

DJ Triple Threat has released three projects to date with “Good News Music” releasing in Fall 2005, “The Rain” in Summer 2008, and “Black & White” in the Winter of 2009. His latest offering “Life Introspection” is his most personal and prolific work yet and will be available June 21st, 2011.

Beyond being a rapper, Threat is an entrepreneur, mix DJ, radio show host, manager, music producer, and promoter. Although he is proficient in many different areas, he serves in excellence in all areas and not just a mere jack of all trades. He is currently in seminary at Gordon-Conwell for his Master’s in Divinity and desires to be involved with more full time ministry in the near future.

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