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190246_170817816302131_122431814474065_434595_4453781_nRaimone is a rising Christian artist who is working on his 1st EP mixtape. All of his songs have a good message and a different sound then other Christian artists. Most people does not know what a EP mixtape is. Raimone is the first artist in the world to release a EP mixtape.”A EP mixtape is a short mixtape with beats you never heard but beats that is not yours.” Raimone is excited about the upcoming release. Raimone EP mixtape is title Brighter Day EP because of his struggles in life and with Christ. His demo CD Lukewarm receive good reviews and bad reviews. Some people say he slur his words, bad production and does not have a good message. He wanted to stop and try something safer.”It’s hard when everybody doubt you and say you cannot do it in CHRISTIAN RAP,I wanted to give up but this is my calling and I love what I do.”Brighter Day EP constant of 7 songs that will impact your life. Be on the look for the young Christian Artist debut EP mixtape “Brighter Day EP.”

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